Not much needs to be said about Netflix other than it has some great shows and movies you can watch regardless of what you have in mind. If you are in Canada and want to check out what’s worth watching on  Netflix Canada then here are a few you can start with.

Move to Heaven
This is a wonderful drama that will surely move you to your core. It is about a father and a son who run a business called, Move to Heaven. They clean up after the dead, especially those who did not have anyone to morn after them or could not be present at the time of death. The show has a very different storyline that is full of kindness, compassion, and humanity. The business runs smoothly till the father dies and leaves a son who struggles with Aspergers. An uncle from prison comes over as the guardian and runs the business with the son. You will enjoy the tussle between the uncle and the son but will also love the bond that creates between them gradually. The show will leave you with a warm feeling at the end.

The Keepers
Although this is a murder mystery but is different. The show focuses on the victims and their stories instead of the perpetrators. It has great plots with breathtaking twists and revelations that will surprise you. One of the most talked-about cases covered in the show is of Catherine Cesnik, a Baltimore nun in 1969, who is suspected of being murdered to cover up sexual abuse at the Catholic high school she taught at. The show has great music and will keep you hooked through the seven episodes.

This is a fun series to watch. It is full of violence, Western culture, and a lot more. It is about a small New Mexico town that is populated by women including Alic Fletcher. She is a self-reliant widow and is an outlaw. This is a powerful show to watch with an amazing storyline. If you love Westerns you will surely love this one.

Schitt’s Creek
If you want to laugh tonight, then watch Schitt’s Creek. The show is about a rich family who loses their fortune and is forced to live in a small town which they bought as a joke once. The show is hilarious and you will enjoy the way the family tries to make this town their home while dealing with being poor. The show is simple with great plots and witty humor. It is a great way to pass time when you have nothing else on your mind.

Baby Driver
This is a thrilling movie to watch about one of the best getaway drivers in the game. His name is Baby and he works for a criminal mastermind and trusts Baby when it comes to fleeing from the scene. The story turns when Baby decides to leave the business for the love of his life. His decision is not taken well by his boss and things get violent. The movie is thrilling with good actions scenes. You will enjoy the cute driver and his tactics throughout the movie. This one should be on your list of what to watch on Netflix in Canada.


What to watch on Netflix Canada