Launched in 2011, the American video live streaming service, Twitch, has, subsequently, radically amassed an opulent amount of 140 million users, also leading the array of video to live streaming services in 2017. Having over 11 million unique streaming channels, Twitch provides viewers with a diversity of predominantly game-related live videos, though the streaming service has stretched its arena across non-gaming streams, too. Therefore, it's not exclusively for gaming content alone.

   Twitch has, over time, aired a variety of eSports like Dota 2's premier tournament (since 2013), Rocket League Tournament (since 2016), Blizzard eSports, Overwatch League, Fortnite Battle Royale competitions among others. 'League of Legends is the most streamed and most voguish game of all time on twitch with more than 42.55 billion all-time views worldwide as of July 2021.

   Consequently, Twitch has also been streaming professional sports like basketball, football, and more. The National Basketball Association (NBA) announced that it would stream NBA G League games on Twitch starting on December 15, 2017, Twitch streamed the National Football League Thursday Night Football games from 2018-2021, Professional Wrestling has also contributed to the site by streaming its weekly impact!  on twitch. Other sports organizations like Premier Hockey Federation, National Women Soccer League, 2021 Copa America Association, and more have also been and some are still being streamed on Twitch.

   Professional gamers also air live video game tutorials on Twitch for beginners who want to learn about it. Therefore, it also serves educational services. The platform, this service particularly, serves as an arena where gamers all over the world are hewed and trained together. The educational videos are not only limited to games, it is also used for learning software development, streaming programming projects and streamers also talk through their work.
   Charitable events are also hosted on Twitch, videos in promotion of charitable causes have been streamed on Twitch raking together over $75 million as of 2021. Examples of those charitable events are Extralife 2013, Zevent 2021, and so on. Zevent has raised the highest-grossing amount of $10 million for charities on Twitch.

   Twitch is predominated by gaming-related videos, nevertheless, it has, ever since 2013, spread its wings towards non-gaming streams like shows of artwork creations, dance, music, and talk shows. The platform streamed performance of 'Fester's Feast' from San Diego Comic-con in 2013, radio shows and music production activities  has also been streamed and it has been announced that the streaming site would become the new official live streaming partner of Ultra Music Festival.#whattowatch

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