A list of the best new streaming movies and TV shows available on your favourite platforms, including Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO NOW and Hulu.

The Tinder Swindler (2022)
This new original documentary is making waves. The Tinder Swindler follows an Israeli conman who posed as a wealthy diamond mogul, swindling countless women out of millions of dollars. The women, however, are out for revenge.

I Want You Back (2022)
Amazon is on a bit of an original rom-com tear, with this R-rated entry becoming the newest on the streamer. Charlie Day and Jenny Slate star as Peter and Emma, two total strangers who bond over the odd fact that they were dumped by their respective partners (Gina Rodriguez and Scott Eastwood) on the same weekend. The two misanthropes wallow together, becoming even more grim when they find that their exes have moved on to new loves. Terrified that they may have lost their last shot at love in their 30s, Peter and Emma fuel each other in desperate, increasingly psychotic efforts to win back their exes.

Book of Love
This new Amazon Original rom-com stars Sam Claflin as an uptight young English writer whose novel fails spectacularly everywhere except Mexico. When he arrives in the country on a book tour, he soon discovers why: Translator Maria (Verónica Echegui) has completely rewritten the book into an erotic novel. When Henry’s publisher insists he and Maria do the book tour together, Henry’s furious. But you know what they say about opposites.

Hotel Transylvania: Transformania (2022)
The fourth installment in the Hotel Transylvania franchise. In Transformania, Drac (formerly voiced by Adam Sandler, but here it’s Brian Hull) and his monster pals are back in a whole new way … human. Van Helsing’s “Monsterification Ray” goes haywire, turning Drac and the rest of the monsters into humans — and Johnny into a monster. But while Johnny’s having the time of his life as a monster, Drac and the crew aren’t so thrilled to be without their monster powers. Now, they must race across the globe to find a cure before it’s too late and the transformations become permanent.

Kimi (2022)
A movie very much made for the moment, Steven Soderbergh’s HBO Max Original stars Zoë Kravitz as an agoraphobic tech worker living in Seattle during the COVID-19 pandemic. While reviewing a data stream, she discovers evidence of a violent crime, but encounters resistance and corporate bureaucracy when she tries to report it to her superiors. Undeterred, Kimi faces her biggest fear by venturing into the city streets, awash in protests and rage, to try to rectify the wrong.

Antlers (2021)
Based on Nick Antosca’s short story, “The Quiet Boy,” Antlers is a weird, chilling horror from Scott Cooper and Guillermo del Toro. In a remote Oregon town, an enigmatic student has captured the attention and fear of a middle-school teacher (Keri Russell) and her sheriff brother (Jesse Plemons). The boy harbors a dark secret that unleashes a legendary ancestral creature that haunts the town.

Malignant (2021)
One of 2021’s most popular horror films is back on HBO Max. Annabelle Wallis stars as a woman who begins seeing shocking visions that paralyze her with fear and restrict her to her home. Her only relief is that she remains sure that the visions are simply dreams, tricks played on her by her mind. But when she realizes that they’re real, the torment worsens.

Swan Song (2021)
Oscar winner Benjamin Cleary examines how far we’ll go and how much we’re willing to sacrifice for the people we love in this futuristic drama. Cameron (Mahershala Ali) is a loving husband and father who is expecting his second child with wife, Poppy (Naomie Harris). But when he’s diagnosed with a terminal illness, his doctor offers a solution to shield his family from grief. As Cameron grapples whether or not to accept this experimental treatment that may alter his family’s fate, he learns more about life and love than he ever could before.

The Ice Age Adventures of Buck Wild (2022)
The Ice Age universe gets a little bigger! When possum brothers Crash and Eddie seek out a new home for a newly independent life, they quickly find themselves trapped beneath the ice in a dinosaur-infested cave. Fortunately, one-eyed weasel Buck Wild comes to their rescue and the trio team up to find a way to save the Lost World from becoming overrun with dinosaurs.

Encanto (2021)
The Madrigals live in a hidden, charmed place called the Encanto, high up in the mountains of Colombia. The magic of the Encanto has granted every child in the Madrigal family with a unique gift. All except Mirabel. But when the Madrigals and the magic surrounding the Encanto comes into danger, Mirabel may be the only one who can save them.

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