Don’t know how serious depression is taken in other parts of the world but in India, people don’t think of it as a disease. People go through depression alone and most of the time don’t even know it themselves. It is a sad situation.

Feeling fatigued, sad thoughts, feelings of hopelessness are some of the characteristics of depression. Having someone who understands you during this time is a big help but what to do when you are alone? One thing I feel can be helpful is to watch a movie. It has helped me in many ways. There are times when you feel like crying your heart out and then there are times when you want to forget all your worries and laugh. You can do that by watching a good movie with friends or alone.

Movies can help a person escape from their unwanted feelings. It can make you feel better if not for too long then at least for a little while. They can also encourage you to improve your life.

So, if you are fighting blues here are a few movies that can help you feel better.

Silver Linings Playbook
This is a great movie if you want to understand what a person goes through when a person goes through mental issues. Bradley Cooper plays Pat, who is had bipolar disorder but was not treated for it which led him to spoil his marriage and job. Watching this movie will help you understand that mental illness does not define a person. A person can still find the courage to keep going by accepting his weakness and finding love. It shows that rather than avoiding your problems facing them will keep you on track and you will be able to manage your life.

Inside out
This is again a good movie to watch when you feeling depressed and want some strength to move on. This is an animated children’s film about an 11-year-old girl. She has been forced to move out from her home to San Francisco. The movie will take you through her emotions and how they impact a person’s behavior. The movie has a sense of humor to it which will help you smile and get rid of that sad feeling.

It’s a wonderful life
The movie runs around a man named George Bailey who gets saved from a suicide attempt and finds the meaning of life and love for his friends and family. The movie shows how when a person is depressed they tend to overlook the small things they have and forget to be appreciative towards them. It reminds us of those little things we have and how we can use them to help each other and attain happiness. This is a very positive movie to watch when you are down.

Life of Pi
If you feel that you are lost and don’t seem to find your way back you should watch Life of Pi. This is an adventure-filled movie about a boy who gets stuck in a boat with a tiger but finds a way to compromise with it and reaches his destination. It will help you fight your inner demons and help you rediscover a lot of unseen paths.

Terms of endearment
Feel like crying today and wash off all your sadness, then watch Terms of Endearment. Shirley MacLaine and Debra Winger play the role of Aurora and Emma. This is a story of a widowed mother and a daughter who share a loving relationship that is tested from time to time. The daughter marries a man without her mother’s approval but returns home after having three kids and being tired of her husband’s sexual flings. Later Emma develops terminal cancer and life gets even more difficult for the two. The movie shows how life can bring joy and sorrow in no time but connecting with people you love makes it easy to live.

What to watch when depressed