There is something special about watching a romantic movie with your significant other. Sometimes, It is not about kissing or having sex with your girlfriend alone is the best way to satisfy her but you just want to stay in on date night. We get what to watch for you here, though it is fun to get all dressed up and go out to a new restaurant, it can be just as fun to snuggle up on the couch with a new series or movie and a home-cooked meal. We have compiled a list of full romantic movies that you can watch and re-watch with your girlfriend when you are together and have a fun time together but note this! You both might end up cuddling and kissing each other!

Crash Landing on you
If you are looking for a series to binge with your girlfriend, try to watch the crash landing on you. This movie is a very popular Korean show that follows a South Korean heiress who accidentally parachutes into North Korea, where she is discovered by a hunky soldier, who decides that he will help her out of her predicament. This movie is a perfect movie for you to watch with your girlfriend, it's full of romance and it is watchable. Before you even open your eyes and close it again you will not know when you will reach episode 16 because of the sweetness.

Set it up
Not all the romantic comedies on Netflix are made equally. Some of the movies are a little bit better than the others and set it up in that film. It is among one of the original rom-com tu premieres on the streaming platform it more than holds its own with some of the best films in the genre. This thing is full of romantic activities that will make your body move because if you are with your girlfriend you don't need to make yourself boring but to make yourself active in all aspects during that time.

Nothing says date night like a Cheesy romantic comedy, and they don't come cheesier there than a ho holiday. This movie stars Emma Roberts and the Australian Luke Bracey as two singles who hitch their wagons together over the holiday season to avoid the prying questions of their families and friends. This movie is perfectly very silly, but it is full of jokes, and part of the joy of watching a rom-com like this with your partner is poking fun at it, too. Enjoy!

50 first dates
50 First Dates is a warm yet funny love story. It is all about a man who falls for a girl who suffers from short-term memory loss. She remembers only the day before her accident and she wakes up believing it's her birthday every day because she cannot remember anything beyond that day. So this guy tries all his best to make the memory back and let her live a peaceful life and he also prays that she falls in love with him for that day and the most important, he loves her without any condition.#whattowatch

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