Teenage is a troublesome age, these kids do not count as children nor are they allowed to sit with adults. This is the time when they form their own perspective of life, their personalities, and their point of view on all matters surrounding them.

We as parents try to do as much as possible for them but most of the time get caught up with work and are not able to spend a lot of time with them. Though there are many things a parent can do with a teenager since teenagers spend a lot of time watching their phones, iPads, computers, and TV we need to try and fit in with them.

As a parent, it is our responsibility to see what they watch is as they can be easily influenced. Teenagers like to rely on their peers rather than on their parents so the best way to do this is to stop parenting them at all times and be their friends. Make a habit to sit and watch TV with them; this will help you understand what’s going on in their curious and energetic minds.

Good movies and shows can help them deal with issues like sex, drugs, and race. It will help you start a meaningful conversation with them but remember you are a friend to them, not a parent so avoid judging them and enjoy with them. Here are a few good movies you can suggest to watch with our teens and help them learn some values.

Blind Side
This is a must-watch for all parents with their teenagers. It is a true story about Michael Oher’s (Quinton Aaron) life. It shows how he starts his journey as a homeless boy and ends up being a college graduate and NEL. The movie can be very inspirational to teens. Sandra Bullock (Leigh Ann) and Tim McGraw (Sean Tuohy) play the role of adopted parents to Michael. The movie will show the value of love and the relationship between a teen and his parents.

Good Will Hunting
This is again a great movie to watch with a teenager. Ben Affleck, Matt Damon, and Robin William's starrer movie is about a dropout who works as a janitor at MIT. Will Hunting, the janitor has a gift for mathematics but he needs the help of a psychologist to find his true self. The movie teaches that acting tough does not help and talking or addressing your feelings will help. It also shows how faith can help you find a better place. It is a powerful movie that can inspire kids and let them open up to you about the issue they might be facing as a teenager.

Saving Private Ryan
This is an American epic war movie directed by Steven Spielberg and written by Robert Rodat. It is set during the invasion of Normandy in WWII. The movie is about Captain John Miller played by our all-time favorite Tom Hands who takes his men behind enemy lines to find Private James Ryan. It will keep you and your teen hooked to the screen because of the brutal war realities while the look for Ryan. The men go through their personal journey and find their weaknesses as well as strengths. This movie can help our children in learning determination, courage, and completing their tasks with honor.

Yes, the name says it all, it is a perfect movie to watch with a teenager. It has won 6 awards and is based on Cher Horowitz (Alicia Silverstone’s) journey in high school. She is an adolescent to struggles to make a place of her own in high school. Your teenager will be able to relate to many things and you might be able to share a few good and bad stories of yourself when you were in high school while you watch it.  

Men in Black
Looking for a good laugh with your teen, watch Men in Black. Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith are in the lead role in this science fiction action-comedy. They are agents who supervise extraterrestrial life on Earth and try to save it. It is fun to watch and if your teen likes it you can suggest watching MIB 2 and MIB as well.

What to watch with teenager