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What to Watch: Your Honor - Show Time series [Review]


Recently, I came across this TV show called "Your Honor", and it has been one of the not-so-bad series I have watched for the past 3 months. Starts Off Strong, But Quickly Turns Into A Melodrama.

In this series, Bryan Cranston is the key star, playing a judge named Michael Desiato. If you have watched Breaking Bad, then you know how great he is when it comes to acting.

The story summary.

A judge confronts his convictions when his son is involved in a hit and run that embroils an organized crime family. Facing impossible choices, he discovers how far a father will go to save his son's life.

Your Honor: Showtime Series-Review

The general consensus is that the first two episodes were done quite well. What follows doesn't do justice to Bryan Cranston, whose talent is practically wasted on this one, I might say.

Bryan Cranston plays a judge named Michael Desiato.

When his son Adam becomes involved in an accident, Michael must do everything in his power to protect him, gradually crossing into the grey area of morality with devastating consequences for all involved.

The first episode starts off strong. It establishes each character and what they are about.

Michael Desiato's establishing moment in particular is very well done by Cranston.

As he quickly deduces that a black defendant in his courtroom may well be going to prison for something she didn't do, he gradually starts to find holes in the arresting police officer's story and actually cross-examines the officer himself. Given that Desiato actually visited the defendant's home while on a jog he exclaims to the officer, "So do you have see around corner eyes or are you a liar of the vilest kind?"

This is done particularly well thanks to a strong performance by Cranston and makes you genuinely care about Michael Desiato as he gradually becomes caught up in his son's mistake.

We also have a particularly impressive scene with Desatio's son Adam (Hunter Doohan), who has a full-blown asthma attack during the accident and does a good job of making the audience feel just as terrified as he does.

The second episode begins especially strong, with both Michael and Adam having to watch their backs. Both Michael and Adam create an alibi for the day of the accident.

The series gradually becomes darker and we see the consequences of Adams' actions have severe repercussions for everyone involved, directly or indirectly, guilty or especially innocent.

This wouldn't be so bad as the series plays out as a Greek or Shakespeare tragedy. In fact, in episodes 3 and 4 we see just how devastating the consequences of Adams' actions are and are actually quite effective as a shocker.

The big problem is Adams's character and his development as the series progresses.

The most sympathy you will feel for him is in the first episode. While the series tries to show his inner turmoil, he just comes across as annoying and foolish at best, and at worst, he's sanctimonious, stupid and ungrateful.

He makes stupid decision after stupid decision, which is really unnecessary as the other parts of the story play out just fine for the story to move along.

The other problem is that the series very rarely has any lighter moments, and even for dramas, you need lighter moments to balance it for when the darker moments happen.

We have some strong performances by Michael Stuhlbarg, Hope Davis, Isiah Whitlock Jnr, and credit also has to go with the actors who play the Jones family (who end up suffering as a direct result of Adams' actions).

It's just a shame that they're not enough to save the series from its numerous plot holes and turn it into a melodrama.

It is worth a watch and there are some powerful scenes, but after the first episode it becomes very flawed, and you need to be in the right mood to watch it as it is a downer.


IMDB 7.6/10

Reference: Your Honor (TV Series 2020–2021) - IMDb

It looks like we are going for a second season.

Let's wait and see how they pick up from the first season.

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