Mine was going out all the way to London to meet an online boyfriend I met through gaming. When he picked me up his truck was filthy. Everything was loaded up with old take-out bags and trays. He smiled at me and had guck in between his teeth. I was like: okay this can't become worse.

The next day we went out and bought a donut. This guy asked me: hey, do you mind if i smoke? I said: no, go ahead. He put his donut on the ground in the middle of all these people and walked away to the smoking area and everyone was looking at us. I was looking down at the donut... Then after he finished smoking, he picked his donut back up and ate it all up.

I was flabbergasted and stunned. Let's say that after I came back from London I didn't speak to him again.


What was your worst dating experience like?

What was your worst dating experience like?

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