When you’re a dog lover it is really hard to resist playing or petting one, but it is important to be careful when you are near them. A dog bite or a scratch can be quite harmful. So, what to do when you get bitten by a stray dog or even a pet dog?

Let us learn about different types of dog bites first.

  1. When a dog's teeth do not touch your skin
  2. When his teeth touch your skin but do not break it
  3. When you see one to four shallow punctures after a bite
  4. When either of the punctures is a deep wound
  5. When there are multiple bites with deep puncture wounds caused by a dog attack.
What is the first thing you should do after being bitten by a dog?
  1. Do not panic
  2. Wash the wound with running water and soap gently
  3. Pat the area dry
  4. If you are bleeding then put pressure on the wound to stop bleeding
  5. Put a sterile bandage over the wound
  6. Keep the wound area higher than your heart to avoid swelling
  7. Apply antibiotics daily

Documenting a dog’s bite
It is important to document the bite immediately after the first aid protocol.
1. Find out who the owner of the dog is. Take the dog’s vaccination history. You will need to take down the owner’s name, address, and the details of the dog’s breed.

2. See if you can find a witness to the attack. If you plan to file an insurance claim or a lawsuit then you will need an eye witness of the incident.

3. If it was a stray dog then you need to report it to the animal control or the local animal agency. They can capture the dog so that it does not bite anyone else.

4. Take pictures of the wound and write down the level of pain you feel, this will help the doctor to treat you better.

5. Write down the whole incident on paper as soon as you. This will help you later on during the lawsuit

6. You should also keep a record of the medical bills, doctor or hospital expenses, travel costs to the hospital and lost wages if applicable. The more details you have the more chances there are for you to get fair compensation.

When to See a Doctor for a Dog Bite
If you feel that the dog bite is too deep to be treated at home or the bleeding does not stop then you need medical help.

Call your doctor if:

1. The bleeding does not stop after applying pressure for 15 minutes

2. Call a doctor if you need a tetanus shot.

3. If you were bitten by a stray dog and do not have his vaccination history available.

4. If you have weak immunity or suffering from any other major illness

5. If you see swelling, pus, redness, or if the area feels warm.

It depends on the bite and the victim’s health to say what type of treatment that person needs. Many doctors usually recommend antibiotics to treat an infection or to prevent it. The person will need rabies shot series if the dog has or maybe is suspected to have rabies.


What to watch out for when bitten by a dog