When are flights the cheapest

Are you looking for the cheapest flight possible? You're not the only one who wants cheap rates. All of us do it, whether it's for a trip to see relatives or for that next big vacation. We now have access to a wider selection of rates and possibilities, all at our fingertips, thanks to the internet and online travel agencies and discount suppliers that have supplanted traditional brokers.
In general, plane tickets rarely get cheaper as the trip date approaches. Flights are usually the cheapest when purchased 120-21 days prior to your vacation date. Of course, there could be some complicating elements such as seasonal changes, holidays, etc. may affect pricing.

Price volatility of flight during the advance bookings
•    203-315 days: During this time, you will pay about $50 more than if you waited for the lowest airfare. However, you will most likely have more options for itinerary and seating during this time.
•    116-202 days: During this time, tickets cost around $20 more than if you waited for the lowest airfare. Even so, there are plenty of nice seats and flights available.
•    21-115 days: During this time, airfares are on average within 5% of their lowest levels. This is the most suitable time to look for deals and book flights.
•    14-20 days: During this period, fares frequently increase. The most convenient flight options, as well as the best seat options, have already sold out. However, you might strike it rich and find some lower fares at this time.
•    7–13 days: Prices are on average $135 lower at this time than they would be if you waited until the last minute to get your tickets, but it's still not the best time to buy. By this time, flight and seat options are also restricted.
•    0-6 days: Don’t do any bookings during this time unless you have a last-minute emergency. You'll pay an extra $220 on average than if you booked during the peak booking period.

Considerations for the Seasons
Fall: You may usually get better bargains by waiting a little longer to arrange fall trips. Generally, the right time to buy tickets is 69 days. The only exception is Thanksgiving week, as during that you should book your flights as soon as possible.
Winter: Travel around the Christmas and New Year holidays will almost always be more expensive; nonetheless, winter can be a cost-effective time to travel. Aim to purchase plane tickets 94 days in advance for non-holiday trips.
Spring: Because many people travel for spring break on a variety of days, the key to travelling during this season is to plan early. If at all possible, purchase your tickets at least 84 days in advance.
Summer: It is the most popular travel season in the United States. During this time, purchasing your tickets 99 days in advance will cost you lesser.  
Next time book a ticket, keeping in mind the above-mentioned tips to get the cheapest possible rates.

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