Potato is a nutrient-dense and carbohydrate rich food item. For the cultivators to get a fair price for their produce, proper attention must be paid to potato’s cultivation from beginning to end. Farmers can earn good profits from potato cultivation by taking care of some things from the beginning. Potato cultivation starts from the preparation of the field to the selection of seeds, so farmers should give attention from the very beginning. Potato harvesting time is very important in potato cultivation. So let us understand what the best time to harvest potatoes is and when do you harvest potatoes?

When is the best time to harvest potatoes?
For new gardeners, determining when to harvest potatoes can be difficult, but if you understand the basics, it is simple. Potatoes are harvested 60 days after planting, based on market price and demand. From late June through August, potato seeds are planted. Depending on the climate, it changes from location to location. Potatoes are planted at different times depending on their variety and climate. The months of October and November are ideal for a good yield of harvest.
The time of planting, the type of potatoes desired (young or old), and whether they will be used for future planting or eaten determine the harvesting time.

How to know when it's time to harvest potatoes?
Take a look at the potatoes' skins. The first clue that it is time to harvest potatoes is the yellowing and drying of the leaves. The upper leaves and stems are the most important indicators of whether the crop is ripe. If they appear light yellow, they are ripe. The beginning of decaying (physical death) of the tops determines the ripening date in most cases. It may happen in early August or early September.
However, during the wet season, the top would remain fresh green, especially in some areas, making it difficult to identify the ripening period. Calculate 60-80 days from the sowing time in this situation. When the timer goes off, chop off the top, leaving 10-15 cm, so the peel can form more quickly.

How to undertake potato harvesting?
In case of potato harvesting, the farmers have to dig the place of harvesting the potato. Therefore, farmers should stop irrigation 15 days before the harvest and cut the leaves 5 to 10 days before harvesting potatoes. It strengthens the skin of the potato. By noon, the harvesting should be finished.

Storage of potatoes
Digging potatoes for storage should be done only after the tubers have been checked for maturity. The harvested tubers are kept out of direct sunlight and in a shady location. When exposed to sunshine, storage capacity declines. Keep the potatoes in a shaded place for 3 to 4 days after digging them so that the skin strengthens and the soil in the potato dries up and separates.

Suitable soil type for potato cultivation
Improved potato varieties and agricultural practices must be implemented to achieve high yields. Only sandy-loam soil with biomass is suitable for potato growing. The site should have a well-functioning drainage system. Never plant potatoes in alkaline, wet, or standing water conditions. Potatoes require a considerable amount of cold to grow.
Supportive soil condition, weather and quality of tuber determine the quality of the crop. The know-how of harvesting potatoes will help in receiving great produce.

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When do you harvest potatoes?