An update to your electrical panel is required to safeguard your house against many electrical mishaps at the appropriate moment. The board is connected to several circuits, and each circuit includes a circuit breaker that distributes electricity to all of the electrical parts of a structure. When there is a spike in current, the breaker trips and cuts off the power, putting the lines in danger of overheating and catching fire.

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When Do You Need an Upgraded Electrical Panel?

The service panel is clever enough to immediately cut off the power supply when there's an overload or danger of overheating. In essence, the connection is broken when the breaker trips. Although it can be unpredictable and susceptible to several conditions, there may be additional criteria that determine when you need to replace your electrical panel.

Faulty wiring

Faulty wiring causes a significant portion of house fires in the United States. The danger is inversely correlated with the building's age. If the cables don't comply with the required code or if the insulation and other components start to fail, you should upgrade the system. Flickering lights, a little electric shock or tingling feeling when touching an appliance, sparks in the sockets, discolored power outlets, and a burning odor next to electronics are all warning indicators.

Switch Panel

A few circuits in older homes constructed before 1960 rely on fuses. These fuses for the entire home may handle only 30, 50, 60, or 90 amps. Such a system won't function in a modern home, which requires 100 to 400 amps of power. The fuses will just enhance the fire danger. Circuit breakers must be used in their place.

Upgrades or New Appliances

When you upgrade your living space or buy a new item like a hot tub or air conditioner, which uses a lot of electricity, your energy needs go up. The circuit breaker will regularly trip and terminate the power connection if the system's amp capacity is insufficient to handle the electrical demands.


Waiting for sparks to fly is unnecessary. Don't put off upgrading your electrical panel and regret it later. Additionally, unless you are an electrician, you should never attempt to modify or install anything that involves electricity.

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When Do You Need An Upgraded Electrical Panel?