National Administrative Professionals Day started back in 1952 by Harry-F. Klemfuss from Young & Rubicam. Klemfuss acknowledged the importance & value of secretaries in business & management. This day is best to honor the office staff such as office managers, receptionists, personal assistants, and others. Klemfuss’s idea behind celebrating this day was to encourage more female to take up secretarial job roles in companies. Utilizing his skills & experience in public relations, Harry promoted the importance and values of secretaries and the job they do. Doing so, he created a holiday in acknowledgment of the secretaries worldwide.
The name of the administrative professional’s day changed & evolved over a few years. However, the significance of recognizing the importance of individuals has grown continuously. The two new terms that are currently in use include: "Executive Administrators" and "Administrative Professionals" These two names signifies various roles & responsibilities at different organizations & companies.

When is a professional administrative day?
Administrative Professionals Day is celebrated on Wednesday of the final week of April every year. Moreover, the whole last week of April is referred to as Administrative Professionals-Week. The purpose of the administrative professional’s day is to recognize the secretary's contributions in the world of work. The jobs of administrative assistants and secretaries have evolved over a few years, and they are still very significant to the optimal functioning of an office. Professionals work very hard to have their respective workplaces running appropriately. Thus, it is a great occasion to give them the respect & appreciation that they deserve.

How to celebrate Administrative Professionals day?  
Every boss or office can have its own celebration plans. Some of the common methods to appreciate administrative professional’s contribution are:
•    Taking them out for lunch
•    Gifting gift baskets
•    Cards, with shopping gift or restaurant vouchers
•    Candies
•    Flowers

Is Administrative-Professionals Day a Holiday for the public?
Administrative Professionals day is not a public holiday. Businesses run at their usual hours. It is a holiday for Secretaries and Administrative Professionals only.

Roles and responsibilities of administrative assistants
Though admin professionals & secretaries are in the same category, their responsibilities and roles are different. Here is a list of some responsibilities of this profession. You need to know that the duties of these professionals may be different in the various workplaces.

Administrative Assistants Common Responsibilities
•    Managing long-term projects
•    The first point of contact to numerous businesses
•    Correspondence with clients and providers
•    New documents production
•    Secretaries Common Tasks
•    Data entry
•    Producing, preparing, & collating reports
•    Answering calls & directing them to different departments as required
•    Managing businesses' employee-travel tasks
•    Preparing memos & forms
•    Ensuring the office has the required supplies always
•    Caring for expense forms
•    Management of appointments

Celebrating the holiday is the simplest way of showing administrative secretary professionals the gratitude they deserve. You can do this by providing your employee a day off or offering them a gift certificate, card, or gift basket. You can also present those hard-working admin assistants & professionals with a performance appraisal, particularly if they have not received one in a while.

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When is administrative professional’s day?