When is the day of the dead in Mexico?

Day dedicated to the deceased
A day of the dead is celebrated in Mexico which is the most important religious holidays on November 1st and 2nd. November 1st is celebrated as All Saints Day as a remembrance of the deceased infants and children while November 2nd is celebrated as All Souls Day which honors the deceased adults. These days are known as Day of the dead which in Spanish is said as Dia de los Muertos, were hosted by the goddess Mictecacihuati, known as the Lady of the Dead. It is believed that she had died during childbirth.

Celebration of Day of the Dead
When the Spanish conquerors invaded the land 500 years ago which is now known as Mexico, they found the civilizations called Aztecs and Meso American where they displayed some skulls that was part of the ritual that appeared to mock death. This day comes on every ninth month of Aztec solar calendar, which comes in the beginning of month of August. So the whole month will be celebrated for the same. Skulls were used to symbolize the death and rebirth.
Though Spaniards believe the death as end of life, the indigenous people believed it as continuation of life. Spaniards wanted to bring Catholicism to Aztecs, so they can eradicate the ritual which was barbaric. Eventually they could compromise them to celebrate it as All saints Day and All Souls Day.
November 1st is now celebrated as All Saints Day where they remember the infants and children deceased, which in Spanish is said as Los Angelitos. While on November 2nd, the adults are remembered. From mid-October onwards, celebrations starts with array of macabre toys, strange sweets and candies which are in shapes of skulls and coffins which are edible. There will lot of decorations all around the city. Special baked goods like Pan de Muerte are prepared as offering to the dead. The even do face paintings of skulls often with smiles as to laugh at death itself.
At homes, they make preparations by creating altars for the deceased, photos, fresh bright marigold flowers, incense and special foods, so that when the spirit visits them, they can return back their journey happily. On 2nd day of November, there will be ceremonies at the cemetery where the family members all gather. The celebrate the day with picnics, tequila and even with Mariachi Band. The opening ceremony of the celebration will be with fireworks.

Fun facts about Day of the Dead
Dia delos Muertos or Day of the Dead are not the same as Halloween. Its often mistaken to be because of the timing of the year. Though related, these both differ greatly in traditions and tone. Halloween began as a Celtic festival where its celebrated on October 31st where people celebrate the dark night with mischief and terror, by wearing costumes and lighting bonfires to ward off the ghosts. But now its celebrated as a tradition of costume wearing and do trick or treat where kids get trick or treats where they knock the doors. Houses will be decorated in different ways with spiders and webs or bats and ghosts flying, pumpkins and many. But in Mexico most parts of the country don’t follow the Halloween system.
Though both are related, Day of the Dead is mainly celebrated to show their love and respect for their decease family members. Death is seen as a sad part, but those who celebrate Day of the Dead view it as the welcome part of the life. Not only Mexicans, but many parts of the world, Day of the Dead is widely celebrated.

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