When it's night...

Sometimes I can really look forward to this moment: the last cuddle moment of the day.

The days are full, especially now that we are in a lockdown: we are even more dependent on each other than usual. When the eyes open in the morning the first word that sounds' mama 'and that is the word that sounds last.

There is nothing wrong with the word “mama”, but it is when you hear that word in five times. Sometimes it seems like an attack: then all five of them are around me, one with an even more urgent question than the other.

Mommy - when they're hungry.
Mama - if they want to tell their story.
Mommy - if they're in pain.
Mommy - if they're arguing.
Mom - when they are tired.
Mom - if they have any questions.
Mommy - for all!

It is nice that they are so close and that they come to me with all their questions, comments, displeasure and cozy stories. I am very proud of that, but it does not mean that sometimes it is a bit much and ohhhww, what can I desire at the end of the day for child-bed-time.

But yes... when it's cuddle time - then all five pours on me at once - full of love, warmth and gratitude. That moment... as much as I wish the day was over, may last forever.

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