When was Buckingham Palace built?

Since Queen Victoria’s tenure, the English monarchy has resided at Buckingham Palace. But do you know when was Buckingham Palace built? Let us get to know more about this structure that contains an aura filled with authority.

History of the Buckingham House
Its roots originated when James I ruled in the early 17th century. He started a mulberry plantation at the present site of the Palace Gardens. Records show that a huge building was already there on the site during this time. In 1698, John Sheffield demolished the old-fashioned structure to build the new Buckingham House.

Redesigning the Queen’s House
George III acquired the entire area as a private residential site for his wife, Queen Charlotte, and their children. Hence, it became known as the Queen’s House in 1762. The official seat of the court lay at St James’ Palace. Between 1762 and 1776, Sir William Chambers was bestowed with the responsibility of modernizing and remodeling the house. Robert Adam designed the ceiling and Giovanni Battista Cipriani painted it. It made the Queen’s rooms on the main floor the most sophisticated ones that one could witness during those times.

What happened during the reign of George IV?
With George IV’s accession to the throne, Buckingham House was transformed into a ceremonial palace. When the Parliament voted for the completion of the palace for royal use, Edward Blore and Lord Duncannon supervised the process during 1833-34. They furnished it with some exquisite objects from George IV’s home in London, the Carlton House.

Queen Victoria takes over
Eight years after she ascended the throne, Queen Victoria complained about the lack of space in the palace. Therefore, Edward Blore designed a new wing. The central balcony on the newly constructed main facade happened to be the most significant component. It was from here that Queen Victoria envisioned her troops as they departed to the Crimean War and welcomed them when they returned victoriously.

Further redesigning of the palace
While ruling the nation during 1901-10, King Edward VII redecorated the Palace interiors. The gold and white decorative pattern is now visible in some State Rooms, and even in the Ballroom. During King George V’s reign, the front portion of the Buckingham Palace received refacing in the form of harder-wearing Portland stones. This facade was completed in 1914 and overlooks the Mall presently. In 1962, the Duke of Edinburgh initiated the process of the creation of the Queen’s Gallery from the ruins of the previous Private Chapel. Her Majesty’s Golden Jubilee was celebrated with the refurbishing and expansion of the Queen’s Gallery in 2002.

Wrapping Up
Here, I have covered all the aspects related to when Buckingham Palace was built. Besides being a private home to the Royal Family, the Palace also constitutes the national treasure symbolizing the strength and tradition of the nation.

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