When was Buddha born?

"One who is awake" is just what "Buddha" means. The Buddha was not born as a god rather he was an ordinary man named Siddhartha Gautama who later in life chose to leave all the worldly pleasure and went on to find the meaning of life. He was a proponent of Buddhism, a religion or rather a philosophical system founded on historical figures' teachings that include entire teachings and thoughts about human existence, worldview, and practice methods. Let us explore who was Siddhartha and how, where and when was Buddha born?

When was Buddha born?

Gautama Buddha's full name was Siddhartha Gautama Buddha. Gautama Buddha was born at Lumbini, Nepal, near Kapilvastu, between 483 and 563 AD. Shuddhodhana, the monarch of the Shakyas, was his father. According to folklore, Siddhartha's mother was Mayadevi Thi, a member of the Koli clan who died 7 days after his birth. After that, he was nurtured by Shuddhodhana's second queen (Mahaprajavati Gautami). Then he was given the name Siddhartha. At birth, a monk predicted that the child would become the propagator of one religion. Upon learning of this prophecy; the King became very cautious and worked tirelessly to change his behavior. That is why he was not even allowed to leave the palace. They tried to give Siddhartha all the luxuries of his palace. But lastly despite the great efforts of the king, Siddhartha left his family ties and set out in search of truth.

How did Siddhartha become Buddha?
Siddhartha’s life changed when he was 29 years old. During his carriage rides outside his palace, he saw a spiritual seeker - a beggar "monk". After that, the urge to find peace in his mind was born. He renounced his mundane life and began a spiritual quest. Not only did he seek teachers but also tried to “punish” his body with ascetic practices like extreme, prolonged fasting. Eventually, he realized that the way to peace was through mental discipline. At Bodh Gaya, in the modern Indian state of Bihar, he meditated beneath a tree of the fig family – the “bodhi tree”, until awakening, or enlightenment. From then onwards, he was called Buddha.

The teachings of the Buddha
The glorious kings of that time also listened and followed the teachings of Mahatma Buddha.  According to Lord Gautama Buddha, human life is full of sorrows. Mahatma Gautama Buddha not only spoke about the sufferings that exist in the world but also about the causes of suffering. Mahatma Buddha also described the proper path to get rid of these sorrows.

Through his teachings, Gautama Buddha not only made several people's lives better but also changed the view of life. When people learned more about Buddhism, they became more interested in it and now it is practiced by millions of people throughout the world, not just in India. As a result, Gautama Buddha's followers expanded all over the world.

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