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When Was Hurricane Laura

Hurricane Laura's vicious eye is no cede by the meteorologists by 12 noon on 26 august 2020! and have seen numerous lighting flashes in the eye wall, over the last hour .At 1 Pm they said that radar finding winds of 131KT and 116KT! hurricane Laura is an amalgam of four hurricanes, these hurricanes have struck in East Texas, South-West Louisiana in recorded history. Hurricane Laura was the tenth strongest U.S. hurricane that made land fall by windspeed on record.

Hurricane Laura caused the deaths of at least 80 people in the U.S and inflicted an estimate of 19 billion dollars in damage on south westerns Louisiana and south-eastern Texas near the Gulf of Mexico. Little change in intensity took place in the few hours before Hurricane Laura made landfall near Cameron, Louisiana or 7:00 UTC on august 27 near peak strength, Laura matched the strength of the 1856 last Island Hurricane for strongest landfall in the state.

By august 28, Laura degraded to a tropical depression over central Arkansas! heavy rain become the primary threat across the south-east. Around that time, the NHC issued their final advisory on Laura, passing on the responsibility for issuing advisories to the Weather Prediction Centre (WPC) the system ultimately degenerated into a remnant low over Kentucky early on august 29. as it began merging with an approaching extra-tropical storm. Laura's remnant low continued moving eastward, before being absorbed in the approaching extra-tropical system, several hours later over Maryland.

Impact Of The Hurricane Laura

 Hurricane Laura wreak a havoc throughout most of its path with tropical storm forced winds going over almost all of the Antiklan Islands, hurricane and tropical-storm force winds impacting parts of Florida, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Arkansas. Estimated losses are approximately 20 billion dollars. Laura did more agricultural damage in Louisiana than Hurricane Katrina and Rita combined.


Numerous Tornado warnings were issued in Arkansas with eight tornadoes confirmed in the state! trees and power supply were downed across a wide spread area of Arkansas. Several roads leads to Mena were closed due to flooding, a portion of county road 106 of  Arkansas was washed away due to flooding.


Heavy precipitation effected much of Haiti, excessive floods devastated the region of Haiti! forcing many families to evacuate their homes. The Peligre dam over-flooded, sanding floodwaters down the Artibonite valley. Agriculture suffered greatly during this Catastrophe, flooding damaged 447 homes and destroyed fifteen other across the Aritbonite Department.


Lot of structural damage occurred near Pinehurst just west of the orange, structural damage was also noticed in Bridge city. Following the storm five people died in southeast Texas in four separate incidents of carbon monoxide poisoning as a result of improperly placed generators! one person in the newton county also lost his valuable life in the cleanup process.


Widespread flash floods occurred across Jefferson Davis County. In Natchez trees were blown done and a sign at a AutoZone damaged six vehicles when it was blown down.

Relationship With Climatic Change

It is quite contradictory to make a relationship between tropical cyclone and climate change. We have to expect such powerful storms in future as a result of Global Warming. It is because of that storms feed on warm water, and higher water temperature also lead to sea-level rise, which in turn increases the risk of flooding during high tides and in the event of storm surges. Warmer air also holds more atmospheric water vapour, which enables tropical storms to strengthen and unleash more precipitation.

The Intergovernmental Panal on Climatic Change (Fifth Assessment Report) presents a strong body of scientific evidences, that most of the Global Worming observed over the past half century is mainly due to human generated green house gas emission. but what does this mean for Hurricane activity? sea level rise very likely has a substantial human contribution to global means, observed rise according to IPCC AR,5 could be causing higher storming rise! that do occur all else assumed equal.


In conclusion, Hurricane Laura have a significant impact on the wave action in the ocean and are a type of storm called tropical cyclone. High winds create cause the extreme waves during Hurricane and their have been many storms that have caused adverse effects on the environment as well as on human life.

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