When was pizza invented

Pizza was created in Naples, Italy as a quick, inexpensive, and delicious supper for working-class Neapolitans on the run. Since we all recognize and enjoy these slices today, pizza did not reach widespread popularity until the 1940s, when immigrant Italians introduced their traditional slices to America. Let us explore the when was pizza invented and its journey throughout the globe.

Who Was the First to Create Pizza?
Although topping flatbreads were enjoyed in ancient Egypt and Rome, the Italians are credited with developing pizza. During the 1700s and 1800s, Naples was a lively waterfront city, particularly along the coast, where overpopulation and mostly outdoor life prompted residents to discover quick, cheap methods to feed their family. Pizza grew popular due to its simple components and convenient packing, but it was seen as a poor man's street cuisine, unsuited for the upper strata of the society. They had no idea that this apparently simple innovation would become a global sensation.

Where Did Pizza Originate?
Pizza was originated in Italy, and it was not until Neapolitans across the Atlantic that this creamy meal took hold. Italians began offering their pizzas in the United States in the 1940s, and Americans immediately became aware of the distinct tastes. Following WWII, the globe began to yearn for all-things Americana, propelling pizza into the stratospheric. Chefs all over the world started to experiment with this centuries-old masterpiece, reinventing it with unique variety of flavors like Sicilian-style pizza. Pizza, no longer consigned as an inappropriate supper, became an immediate hit, spawning multiple restaurants and an infinite number of methods to fulfill desires. The Salerno brothers started their first pizza in Chicago in 1966 and have been delighted residents ever since.

Where the name “Pizza” does comes from?
The term Pizza was derived from an ancient German language, Lombardic word bizzo or Pizzo signifying "mouthful" in English phrases "bit" and "bite," which was carried to Italy by conquering Lombards in the middle of the sixth century A.D. When King Umberto I and Queen Margherita reached Naples in 1889, they decided to indulge in some Pizzas after enduring a monotonous French cuisine. The pizza the monarch preferred was called pizza mozzarella, and it consisted of a pie covered with soft fresh mozzarella, red veggies, and green basil. This marked the beginning of nationwide pizza frenzy in Italy.

The Origin of Pizza
Pizza has become an all time favorite snack worldwide. According to statistics, there is a larger than one-third chance that the majority of people's favorite pizza is likewise pepperoni. Pizza is a popular food in the United States. Every second, over 350 pieces are consumed. It's delicious. You can bet that if we ask somebody what kind of cuisine pizza is, they'll respond Italian. That is not an inaccurate statement. The roots of pizza may be linked back to Italy. However, its history is more complex, and America plays a significant part in it.

What are the Difference between Italian and American Pizza?
The current pizza is significantly distinct from the Italian/Greek flatbreads, Italy is its place of origination. However, like with everything that emerges from multiple cultures, it ultimately boils down to teamwork. At Spizzico, individuals who were born and raised in Italy but grew up in America love the combination of both traditions and their effect on pizza.

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