Radio Detection and ranging or radar is one of the important scientific inventions. Radar was the by-product of the Second World War. It was invented for military necessity. Radar uses radio waves to detect an object from a specific distance. Let us read ahead to understand what radar is and when was the radar invented?

When was the radar invented?
Radars were first observed in 1886 by Heinrich Hertz. He concluded that electromagnetic waves can be reflected from a number of objects. However, the practical utilization of reflected electromagnetic waves was considered in 1922. With the intervention of the United States in the Second World War, the demand for accelerated development of radar was highly felt by the other side.

What was the actual use of the radar?
Radar played a crucial role in the Second World War. However, some significant changes were made with time. New technologies were introduced to make it much better and unique. It was Maxwell who formulated general equations of the electromagnetic field. His works led to the conclusion that radio waves can be reflected from metallic objects.
During the beginning of the Second World War, Germany progressed in the development of radar works. It was extensively used during the war period. The use of radar was one of the most advanced modes for fighting the war. The radar was a scientific invention during the war period. In 1937, the British conducted research work on land-based radar. They carried out extensive studies on this subject.
One of the significant developments of the British in the establishment of radar was its magnetron. It was a high-power transmitting tube that was used in the radar network. It marked the high-quality development of radars. The advanced use of computers made the radar much more informative. The system of Doppler weather system was now introduced in the digital radar.

Benefits of using radar
Radar is a crucial detection technology which is nowadays employed in various fields including defense, aviation, weather forecast etc. It uses radio wave emission and receiving process to detect the distance, position and velocity of an object. The primary application of radar was found in military works for locating and identifying both ground and sea targets. It is extensively used in the aircraft industry for approaching the path and displaying weather information. Marine radars are used to locate ships in seas and estimate their distance from nearby shore, island, ships, etc. Geologists use radar for earth crust composition mapping, meteorologists for recording precipitation and winds, air traffic controller to assist flights with safe take-off and landings, etc.  

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When was the radar invented?