It was not long ago that the United States became a victim of severe terrorist attacks causing unprecedented death. Such was the extent of the damage that the nation required a tremendous cleanup and full-proof planning for constructing future memorials and on-site buildings. In this article, we will look at how and when was the world trade center was attacked?

It was a shining and fine morning of a Tuesday of September of 2001 in the US. The 9th of September of 2001 remains a black day in the history of the United States of America. On this day, a series of coordinated and serious attacks on America were made by a militant Islamic group of terrorists, named al-Qaida. Four commercial Planes were hijacked by 19 al-Qaida terrorists. They had formed four groups consisting of 5 terrorists in the three airlines and the fourth one consisting of four terrorists. They hijacked all aircraft travelling in the USA sky. There was one trained man in each team who had flight training experience with licenses. They took over the control of the aircraft with a mission to cause the aircraft to crash with a building to destroy the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. The third group went for destructing the west side of The Pentagon. The fourth was hijacked to hit Washington DC. However, it was unsuccessful due to the resistance of the passengers inside the aircraft.

The timing of the crash
It was exactly 8.46 am. American Airlines Flight Number 11 made a hit to the north tower of the famous world trade centre named Lower Manhattan. Immediately after 17 minutes at 9.03 hours, the second plane hit the south tower in the world trade centre. Both the buildings were 110 storied and collapsed within a few minutes, say exactly within 102 minutes, before the people there or the authorities could understand the situation. The damage was so severe that it remained the cause of the deaths of several people working in these two buildings including the surrounded areas. The third one, American Flight number 77 flown from Delles International Airport was also successful in hitting the western side of the headquarter of the American Military Academy of Pentagon at 9.37 am in Virginia causing partial damage. The fourth flight of United Airlines, flight no 93 started its journey towards Washington DC and was snatched by pilots who could not succeed in their mission as the passengers of the flight successfully regained control of the aircraft from them. The mission of the fourth flight was more dangerous in the sense that it targeted hitting the famous White House of America, where the President of America sits in office.

The consequent incidents
Mr George W Bush, the then President immediately ordered the administration to launch a war against al-Qaida terrorists and invade Afghanistan. The leader of the terrorist Osama Bin Laden flew away from there for shelter in the white mountains. The American Military forces tried to kill him there at the White Mountains, but Laden remained successful in escaping from there for the next 10 years, to be alive. Laden, initially declared his non-involvement in the incidents that happened on 9th September of 2011. It was the American Intelligence Bureau, after taking cognizance of various pieces of evidence confirmed the involvement of Laden in the incident, and finally killed him on 2nd May of 2011 in Pakistan.

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When was world trade center attacked?