When were condoms invented?

Most people have used the sexual protective latex called condoms, but they do not know when and where it was invented.

A condom is a thin fitted tube worn over the penis during sex(male condom) or inserted into the vagina before sex(Female condom). The create a barrier that keeps semen and other fluid from entering the vagina,rectum and mouth.

When were condoms invented?

In 1839,inventor Charles Goodyear an American scientist discovered a rubber vulcanization the very technology that led to the creation of the first condoms in 1855. Condoms were officially created around 1858,these early rubber condoms only covered the glans of the penis. They were known in Europe as 'American tips.' In 1869, rubber condoms became full length with a seam down the middle which made the penis uncomfortable.

Due to this discomfort,research works were carried out by other scientist to find materials that will be suitable for the penis. Soon, chemically treated linens and animal tissue (Intestine or bladder) were discovered. So far,it has served the day by giving comfort to men.

Condoms were the first birth control method used in the western world. In the second half of the 20th century,the low cost of condoms contributed to their importance in family planning programs throughout the developing world.

Benefit of Condoms

  • Condoms lowers the chances that one person will pass an STD to the other. Wearing one during sex prevents (STD) sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea, Chlamydia,Herpes,HIV(The main virus that causes AID). The risk also varies depending on the diseases,for example condoms are 100% effective at protecting against HIV. But for the (HPV) Human papilomavirus,it only reduces the risk of getting the infection because bacteria can pass through the uncovered area of the penis into the vagina.
  • Condoms are used during sex to prevent pregnancy.
Types of Condom

There are different types of Condom,they are as follows;

  • Latex and Plastic:Most condoms in daily use are the latex condom because of it low cost. But some people easily react to the materials used in producing it that is why plastic condom became another cheap alternative. Latex and Plastic condoms can protect against STDs during any kind of sex, vaginal,oral and anal.
  • Lambskin: This condom is often referred to as natural condom. It is made out of Lamb's intestines. They prevent pregnancy but like human skin,they have tiny openings. So they don't protect from STDs.
  • Lubricated: lubrication,or lube is a thin coating of liquid on the condom. It prevents pains and irritation during sex,and also keeps the condom from breaking. If your condom doesn't come with a lube, you can get any sexual lubricating oil.
  • Spermicide: This is a chemical called Nonoxynol-9, it kills sperm. Some condoms are coated with it,it can protect against pregnancy but gives the genitals serious irritation.
  • Textured Condoms:These include ribbed and studded types. They are meant to boast pleasure for you or your partner.
  • Female condom: this are condoms specifically made for females. It was invented by Danish MD Lasse Hessel and designed to be worn internally by the female partner during sexual intercourse. It was first used in 1980.
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