Where am I right now? Z

Where am I right now?

Just another beautiful day in life...

Time to reflect, time to love myself.

— By Mevrouw Stip...

Where am I right now?

What exactly are the obstacles that I have overcome to be where I am right now?

With this question, I opened my very own eyes to a life of loving myself more, without feeling guilty.

The truth is that recently I got dumpt in my relation for another woman and almost immediately I asked myself what I did wrong, why I wasn't good enough. Why nobody loved me and why I was so stupid to believe that I was the one for him but I realized that I had to ask myself:

Where am I right now?


By asking myself this very simple question I got proud of myself. Proud of who I am, proud of what I've reached, proud of what situations I survived,... because in the end, it all starts with loving myself.

Selflove... and knowing where you are in life is the most satisfying feeling you can have and that is why you have to read this ...

When you are born, you're coming into a world full of things you don't know anything about. You don't know how to speak, you don't know how to read, you don't know how to walk,... in fact, you really don't know much but you will survive.

Your life starts as a blank page and you can become anything you want, you can reach the stars, you can climb every mountain, you can fly to the moon,... because you only love yourself at that moment. And just because of that you are loved and that makes you are perfect with all your imperfections.

You start discovering, try out new things as if you have no fear of falling, you reach out towards your dreams and succeed in many things and your life goes on just like that not realizing how many obstacles you've already taken.

So... Are you ready to commit to yourself and change your life?

Stop thinking that you aren't good enough.

In fact it's a complete struggle... with al the 'perfect' pictures and posts on social media, it's easy to stop loving yourself.

In life, most of the time it goes like this:

If you are good, people say you have to be better...

If you are fast, they say that you have to be faster...

If you are quiet, you have to be louder...

If you are loud, you have to be more quiet...

It's a whole effort to be someone that is perfect for most people and even worst:

It's impossible to be perfect for everyone.

So start being perfect for yourself.


Not convinced yet?


No problem... take your time...

Look at yourself and think of what you've done in your past, what have you reached, don't punish yourself for what you did wrong but compliment yourself for everything you learned, for everything you achieved, for everything that makes you your unique self.

Now... compliment yourself for where you are right now.
Leave the past behind and start growing towards your dreams, start loving yourself for who you are.

It isn't important what people think of you, you aren't a loser for what you didn't achieve. You are a winner for everything you did. Remember that you could't speak, you couldn't read, you could't walk when you came to earth.

And with every step you took you learned something to the point that makes you who you are right now.


Although you were broken many times, never forget:

You are unique, smart and beautiful in your own way and that is why you have to love yourself.

In Japan there is an art called Kintsugi...
It is the art of repairing broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum and instead of becoming worthless, the pottery becomes even more valuable.

So think of yourself as a piece of art... 

and never forget that you are unique

Love yourself... and next time you aren't feeling ok, ask yourself the question:

Where am I right now?

Because only by inspiring yourself, supporting yourself, motivating yourself,... you will find pure love... 

The love for yourself.

Now... If I take a look at myself... I am proud of myself to be who I became, I am proud of myself for never stop dreaming and that is why I can announce that at this moment I am at the beginning of a whole new adventure, something completely new, something I never did before, but something I will try so that in the end I will be able to say: l tried it, instead of never start it because of people who didn't believe in me.

Now tell me:

What are the dreams that you are going to realize?