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Where am I right now ?

When you ask the world wide web : ‘Where am I right now ?’ , you will probably get your current location on Google Maps or GPS coordinates or something like that.
You will get an address, a street, a town, a state, a country…
But I don’t want to know my current location.
I want to know where I am …      in my body.

Where am I right now, in my body ?

I’m sure you see yourself as someone.
But do you see yourself as someone living inside a body ?
Or do you think you are your body ?
And if you are inside your body, where is the real you then ?
Can it be removed ?
Where is the location ?
Am I in my head ?
Most people would say they are in their head, more specific in the brain.


If you amputate different parts of your body, you would still be you.
If you replace organs, by organs from another person, you would still be you, not that other person.
Not even if you replace most of your organs by the organs of that other person.
But if the way to your brain, or your brain itself, is damaged, you would no longer be you.
If you are messing with your brain, by taking drugs or something like that, your personality can change.
You can change as a person.
So you would be someone else, having a different character, reacting in a different way or not react at all.
These are good arguments for being in the head.
So, if I ask myself : ‘Where am I right now ?’ , I can say : ‘I’m in my head.’
But a brain is nothing but some electro-chemical signals.
Thoughts are meaningless without language and only reflect on what happens outside or inside the body.
Thoughts are not the reality, they only reflect to reality.
They are your perception of what happens in and around you.
Maybe everything we smell, taste, feel, hear… is not real, but only something our brain makes us believe.

So maybe we are not in our head.

Am I my soul ?

Maybe you are a soul, using your mind as a tool and your body as a vehicle.

But you can ask yourself the same question. 
Where is that soul located ?
Or is there no location at all ?

In 1901 the physician Duncan MacDougall wanted to scientifically determine that the soul of human beings has weight. A weight that leaves the body when that person dies.
His experiment resulted in a scientific study that was published in 1907.
It was rejected in the scientific world because the study was done with only 6 persons and the methods he used were questionable, but his conclusion was the soul weighs three-fourths of an ounce or 21,3 grams.
So a soul is not something that we can prove it is inside us.

Am I just an idea ?

All our lives we are ‘working on ourselves’, we are trying to become who we want to be. 

You are a different person when you are with your partner, your boss, your best friend, your children…

Maybe we are only an idea of who we are.
A mix of thoughts, emotions, reactions, your consciousness.
Maybe our body is just a temporary limitation, a way of travelling or being on the way to somewhere else.

What if I could turn into your body, without you even knowing we switched bodies ?
Maybe I would have your memories then.
But at that time, who am I ?
Am I still myself, or did I turn into you ?


Am I my subconsciousness ?

Am I forgotten who I really am ?
Where I really am ?
What I am part off ?
Do I need to have some kind of awakening to know who I really am ?

Questions leed to questions.

But I don’t have the answer to … where am I right now ?

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