Where are the followers, let's hear from you!

When I look at my profile, I see under my name that I have 422 followers here on this account. At the same time, I think, where are they?

I think I have some 'old members' as followers who haven't been active for a long time.. At least that's the first thing I think about. Maybe some people who have signed up in the past because of the Marine Calendar (I am no longer involved!).

But I still think, where are all those followers? I can't see it from the comments. The statistics are also a little disappointed to be honest.

Maybe I write the wrong articles, that can of course. Not in their alley, so to speak.

Anyway, many followers, little interaction!

And that's a pity, because it's the interaction that makes yoors such a pleasant site. Precisely by talking to each other, responding to each other. Seriously, with a little humor, maybe a flirt here and there...

So here my call: followers let you hear! Who knows I and also my fellow Yoorsmates will discover new people!

Welcome in any case.