Where do you get your (spiritual) strength from?

You will recognize it, you have worked a day or you have been “busy” all day and want to do so much. Or how can people always be so positive because I'm tired and don't want anything.
My life is boring or my gosh, I have a lot of appointments.
The key is: Dosing and dosing you can learn and all this makes you do something with your spiritual strength.

How are you dealing with this is the question? Or better yet the question is: Where do you get your (spiritual) strength from?

The title is about spiritual power, but you can only use your spiritual power if you take care of the whole package around it!
Healthy food, and no this does not mean that you can never eat a pizza or never drink a nice wine again.
Enough exercise, and no this does not mean that you have to exercise 2 hours 7 days a week.
Enough rest, and no, I'm not saying you have to go to bed every day at 9:00, enough rest is for everyone else.
A nice life, which is fun for one person may not be fun at all, so look for your possibilities!

All of the above affects your spiritual strength. It's about how you take care of your body and therefore mind. It's about how you dose all this.
Your body and mind are connected to each other, if you are physically unwell, this will certainly affect your mental state.
If you are not mentally comfortable, because you have a lot on your mind, you will notice that this particular “stress” does something to your body.

Tips to get started with yourself!

  1. Live now, do not linger in the past, do not constantly yearn for the future.
  2. Invest in relationships, not only digitally but also in person.
  3. Do things you like, even at work.
  4. Draw your attention to positive things in your environment.
  5. Enjoy small things, too.
  6. Have compassion and dare to help.
  7. Work on personal development.
  8. Focus on essential things.
  9. Accept that things are different than you want.
  10. Keep moving. Physical activity makes happier.

For me, it works well for sports;
-Fitter (conditional, but also more energy)
-New focus
-Physical strength
-Mind reset

A single of you will think that sports are only to be in motion, or to judge it. But for me, it's so much more.
I feel better in my body besides my healthy diet, and have a much better focus during the day. In addition, while exercising, I forget everything around me and can completely shut myself off from everything that is going on or going on in my head. I sometimes call it Mind reset!

By eating healthy and exercising and taking enough 'rest' hours at night I take care of myspiritual strength.
Of course I can improve enough on this, because learning you do your whole life and yes needs will also change about every six months.

Now I am very curious where you get your (spiritual) strength, will you let me know in a comment?

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