Is it because of the hectic life or indifference that many talented craftsmen don't completely 'finish' their work these days?
For example, we had a sink with hanging cabinet installed in the bathroom.
We had called the man because the company in which we purchased the sink wanted a professional from a very expensive company to come. The proposal of their bill was to fall from the back.
We called a plumber in the vicinity.
He immediately started by saying that he was retiring and it was his penultimate assignment.
In the afternoon, he had to go to 1 other customer.

For some reason, he struggled quite a bit with connecting the tubes. Hanging the cabinet under the sink didn't seem to go so naturally either.
I had helped him hold the locker a little bit. But at the end, let him finish his work alone.
Around 12 o'clock he showed up in the living room.
“The cabinet was hanging and the sink was placed,” he said.
We paid him and only went to look at the result afterwards.
A slide of the cabinet under the sink was half open. What turned out? You couldn't slide the slide further into it to the back. There was too much of a piece of wood. I just sawed that off myself.

Another time we had drivers installed.
This guy also said it was okay. He had been working on it for half an afternoon.
This time, too, we did not immediately see in the bedroom where he was last busy and what turned out?
He had only hung the driver on one suspension nut. Over time, it collapsed because she had to carry the weight of the entire radiator and the suspension screw eventually fell out. I had to prop the radiator with books and have another installer come to attach the driver firmly at three points.

The last thing we experienced was a 'key-lock' installer.
We had somehow forced the lock. Don't ask me how. I wouldn't remember.
At least we couldn't get the door open anymore.
The man came and did something with a device. The work had taken less than fifteen minutes and he asked for 80 euros!

In these hectic times when people are often under stress due to the abundant work, people have apparently lost their self-esteem and pride about their performance.
There is always something that goes wrong. Deliberate or not.
Or was that just with me?
Was I plagued by Morphy's Law?“It might be funny. But really not fun to experience

So if you need a professional, don't do as I do and it's best to check the result of their work before you pay him

Where is the professional pride of the craftsman?

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