where to meditate

#meditation Before you start, you need to choose a time and a place where you know that you will not be disturbed.
The most suitable time for this is at dawn or sunset, as these are moments when the transition from night to day takes place and vice versa. Light and darkness, the visible and the invisible, the clear and the hidden, are present in these time intervals.

Preferably, people who meditate out of habit choose before dawn, because most people sleep, and on the street there is hardly any noise.
But you do not need to do it necessarily in ambrosial hours, in fact there are many meditations that are recommended before going to sleep, because they help fight insomnia.

As for the place, it can be anyone, as long as it is not overly cold or hot and there is enough ventilation.
The most ideal place to meditate is perhaps the countryside, because you make sure there are no sounds of cars, barking, screaming or any other sound that evokes the city crowds.

But nowadays most of us do not live in the countryside and at a quiet moment have to settle for an empty room.

But if you have the opportunity to meditate in the field, do so. The experience is very pleasant and you will want to repeat it again and again. You can also do it in a park with large green zones.
When sitting, it is important to insulate your body from the cold from the ground, for this sit on a carpet (preferably natural hair), an insulation or a blanket.

If, nevertheless, you feel uncomfortable, cover your shoulders with a scarf or jacket. There are people who use the same scarf for this, because it is imbued with the positive energy that the aura emits during meditation.

Once the environment has been conditioned, sit with your back straight, throw your shoulders slightly back and put your chest forward. If you can not sit in the posture indicated in the meditation, you can always sit with a backrest in a chair.

From here you just need to follow the instructions given in each meditation: where to focus your eyes on, how to breathe or what mantra to chant.