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White shark, causes death of swimmer in Australia

#news According to the famous newspaper el tiempo, on February 20, this year a man was attacked by a white shark, who took his life, on Little Bay Beach, in the south of Sydney, this was the first fatal attack, which occurred in the most populated city in Australia for almost 60 years, according to information gathered by that newspaper

In the same vein, the authorities set themselves the task of activating an intensive operation for the search and capture of the shark, along some 25 kilometers of coast by sea and by air, with helicopters and drones, also given the task of setting six special computerized traps.

According to NSW State Fisheries Minister Dugald Saunders, he described Wednesday's fatal attack as a “devastating incident”, he admitted that it could be difficult to find the shark because of its ability to move

It would be very difficult to capture it, I point out, but we have seen that the sharks recorded great distances,” Saunders told the television station Sky News.

The white squalo, estimated to be between 3 and 5 meters long and attacked on Wednesday afternoon an unidentified man who was found swimming in Little Beach in an incident that was caught on video by a witness

The competent authorities managed to recover the remains of the man, who is the first fatality of a shark attack in Sydney since 28 January 1963, when Australian actress Marcia Hathaway died as a result of bull shark bites in Sugar Loaf Bay.

Reports from authorities on the subject explain that last year there were 18 shark attacks in Australia, of which three were fatal, and in 2020 there were 26 attacks, with 8 deaths.

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