Who do I nominate? Flying Eagle, of course!

My last poem of the year is for you.

Your name is Hans and you're looking for the best Yoorsie, you're even giving away a title.
But, best or wait, I'll just say sweet @Flying Eagle , for me, there is only one that I 'impose' on this title with full conviction.

I have nothing to give and yet I give it to you.
After all, you are everywhere, you are Yoors and all members are more than loyal.

We all have our own favorite, as your own words are.
And you are mine and maybe it has to do with our bloodline.

Because we share our love for Jesus and He, He loves us, yes, He loves us both.
He fills our hearts, He makes us happy.

Your journey with God is beautiful, of course, through trial and error, just like me.
But in the end, by giving Him control over your life, you were really free of many things.

Yes, really, you can experience what many of us can only hope and wish for.
After your conversion, you were given a diversity of opportunities to make His Name great among people.

You seek God in prayer and in His Word.
You give Him control over your life and partly because of that, you got control over your thoughts, they were less disturbed.

You got a personal growth, a good job and even a marriage, husband, what more could anyone want?
Psalm 116 ends with a vow to serve God out of gratitude for what He has done, and for you, this assignment is really never reversed.

No, you will never turn your back and simply for the reason that God has not been able to repel you either.
After all, there was a time in your life when you were able to give God a little less attention.

We are all living in sin, and so there was a somewhat less time for you, a little while ago.
I write it a bit mildly now, but somewhere you were living with quite a struggle at the time.

Negative thoughts and any form of self-confidence were broken anyway.
Yes, a serious sense of inferiority was offset by power and rule, but thank You Lord Jesus, all of this has been broken because of You.

Not just, no, a car accident from the barracks home was apparently necessary to break this call.
Along with a few more soldiers, your normal lifeline was deviated very abruptly.

Nearly dead!
An artificial coma was supposed to heal the pain of broken ribs!
When I look at the photo from the newspaper, I understand all the fears.

Unbelievable what happened to you there.
Fortunately, yes, fortunately, your life was not taken away from you then.

On the contrary, your life has actually just begun there.
God touched you and won you forever.

Even pain in your left shoulder, for as long as fifteen years, has finally been healed through prayer.
Amen, Hallelujah, praise the Lord.

Dear Hans, you love poffertjes, you are a Christian writer, have a heart for your fellow human beings and are also administratively savvy.
You've lived in Veenendaal, in Vlaardingen and even the title: “Entrepreneur of the Month” is yours and I say: “Pretty special”, promised by others.

You had your own company, 'De Adelaar Digitaal- en Taalvast'.
With your sharp eyes, just like an eagle, you have already surprised many entrepreneurs by 'creating' sufficient turnover.

You are Hans Wesselius, you call yourself @Flying Eagle and for me you are Yoorsie of the Year.
I thank you for all your giving and with this rhyming gesture.

by: a Voice of Thoughts