Who pooped on the sidewalk? Tekins with everyday objects

Drawings with everyday objects

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Really EVERYTHING I get my hands on is now a potential part of a drawing! What is this? Do you see it?

Doggies have to poop, what is important is that the owners clean up the poop again! Really not such a problem, unfortunately it often does not happen again...

And what could be more dirty than getting dog poop from under your shoe? Brrrrr! “Mom, I've stood the poop..." "Sighs...”

But we can't blame this baby, can we? Poor dog, that this was bothering him, it really had to get out!


Fortunately, there are the dung beetles! They make beautiful balls out of poop and roll them away! Tidy is neat!

What would be a good collective name for these kinds of drawings?

'drawings with everyday objects are not such a top name for these drawings. Do you have a good idea what I could call these kinds of drawings?