Who wants to go to festivals with me?

This time no real blog about something that concerns me myself. Although if it didn't hit me, I wouldn't pay any attention to it.

Read in the Gazet of Antwerp

Nijlen - The nineteen-year-old Dean Michiels from Bevel (Nijlen) thinks dance festivals are the end. But he also has a muscle disease and is in a wheelchair. That's why he's looking for people who want to take him in tow as a guide.

“Going to dance festivals is really fantastic,” says Dean. “I spend a lot of time at home, but at festivals I can really enjoy the atmosphere and the music. I have been to local festivals such as Jour Tibour in Nijlen or Sunrise Festival in the Lilse Bergen. But I might also like to see big festivals like Tomorrowland.”

“Unfortunately, I'm in a wheelchair because of a muscle disease, so I can't go alone. I could not go get a drink and I also need help to go to the toilet, for example. That's why I'm looking for young people with similar interests who want to take me in tow,” he explains.

Dean was already trying to find someone through social media and got a lot of comments. “A lot of people liked that I took initiative. I have received many positive responses and many people have already shared the message. But unfortunately I have not been able to find anyone.”

For now, Dean's parents are regularly going to festivals. But the couple are in their late forties and the loud dance music is not really for them anymore. “We do that for him, because we do not want to deprive him of that pleasure. For ourselves, it's always countdown until it's done. We don't like that boom-boom. We like such a festival to give up, but if you walk around it from noon to midnight, then that's a bit too much. And there are no tables or chairs to sit down. Personally, my back suffers very quickly and after a few hours we are already gone”, says Mama Nancy Broeckx.

“And someone of Dean's age also wants to go out with young people instead of always with his mom or dad”, it sounds further.

Dean has Duchenne's disease, a congenital muscle disease that worsens over the years. “Until he was twelve he was able to walk, then no more. We just want him to be able to have fun in his spare time just like his peers. Hopefully he will find someone who wants to experience that with him”, concludes Mama Nancy.

Through Bert Provoost

It is that I 1. do not go to the festivals where Dean (picture) would like to go and 2. I don't really belong to his peers anymore but otherwise he could have come with me. I think it's a guy you can have fun with, and the fact that he goes to so much trouble and asks for help makes him a guy with balls. Is there really no one who would want to go to a festival with him? (Photo: Joren De Weerdt )

(source: http://m.gva.be/cnt/blbpr_02900994/wie-wil-met-mij-naar-festivals)

NB. Regularly I think of this boy back. Could it have been done? Would anyone have gone with him?

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