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On the first sight it looks like Donald Trump will win. He has the power, seemingly  he will give a speech at night and there is joy about moving forward.
Biden has the card of defeat, blockage in moving forward and.. secrets about his sex life ?

The cards for Donald Trump :
High Priestess   Strength.

Keywords for the High Priestess : Intuition. Something hidden, secrets. Wisdom. Knowledge. Instinct. Mystery. A person is hiding information from you. Waiting and be silent. Uncovering the truth.
Keywords for Strength : Strength. Courage. Remaining calm and strong even when things are hard. Resilience. Increase in power. Yes. Overcoming obstacles. Pride. Determination. Vitality. Leadership.
The High Priestess and Strength combined : Patience is a virtue. It will take longer than expected , because of possible fraud but the Strength is a winner card.  

Birds   Moon (Lenormand) : Performer. Intimate conversations, sharing something personal. Emotional instability. Worries and restlessness disturb the sleep. Anxiety disorder.  
He defiinitely will not sleep well or much this night.

Ship   Bouquet (Tempus 85 Lenormand).
Ship : Travel or Transition.  Bouquet : A gift, joy, happy surprise.
These cards look promising. A joyful transition. Moving towards a happy surprise, something to celebrate.

The cards for Joe Biden   : 7 of Wands Reversed &  8 of Cups Reversed

Keywords for 7 of Wands Reversed :  Defeat. To much competition. No stamina. Quitting. Weakness. Exhaustion. Sacrifice. Paranoia. Scandals. Embarrassment. Fall from power / grace. Unpopular. Gossip. Slander. Ruin. Foul Play. Hand-over.  Being under attack. Don't having what it takes. People are angry and want their revenge. What you sow, so shall you reap. "Here we have the massive fall from power, grace, popularity and fame of someone very important or possibly famous.  Unsavoury truths about you have been revealed or a scandal exposed.  You can lose everything overnight.  Your resignation may be demanded or Sponsorship withdrawn. You may even be sent into exile or to jail.  This can be the business man who is found guilty of fraud, the politician caught taking back-handers,  the sportsperson who has tested positive for drugs,  the celebrity snapped injecting heroin, the priest charged with child abuse. Their reign of power, prestige and status stripped from them in one go.  They should have played by the rules and ascended to power just like everyone else did, through hard work, honesty and integrity.  Instead, these examples abused their power to get what they wanted at all costs. In their High and Mighty places they may have felt invincible and untouchable. Sooner or later they are all found out and the public demand they pay the price. The mob have stormed the palace"      

Keywords for 8 of Cups reversed : Accepting your lot. Emotional weakness. Running away. Apology. Second chance. Escapism. Walking away. "Do I stay or do I go?" Stagnation. Fear of loss. Feeling rejected and defeated. Situations may take a negative turn.

** Interesting cards. They assume that Biden will lose his energy / reputation / the election. Could his health get so bad that he has no choice but to give it up ? Is there a great scandal coming out into the open? It surely doesn't look good for him. He will be discovered as a fraud, he has to give  up because of bad health, or.. he just loses.

Mountain   Rider (Lenormand) : News arriving after delays. Someone finally arrives. Difficult or bad news. Unexpected hurdles. Blocked movement. Boundaries are pushed. Intrusive presence.

** It looks like Biden is going nowhere. The Mountain is a no, an obstacle, a delay. Or will he overcome the challenge and reach the top?

Bedroom   Book (Tempus 85 Lenormand)  : Secrets about his bedroom (aka sex life). Secret things going on between those four walls. Does he use or do things there that mask his health ? Is there a sex scandal coming up about him or some secret about his private life. Or will he say something like this about Trump. We'll see.

Conclusion : The cards say that Trump will win. The future will tell.

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