Who would like to give a good example of this?

Hysteria or is it...

Crazy times, though.

Which wind are you blowing with?

Now you can see how impressionable we are. Everybody wants to have their say.

Every journalist/reporter or columnist wants to pee over it.

Facts are monitored, emotions are displayed, people are confronted, strategies are placed, all based on own facts and knowledge.

Not knowing that every other fact, insight, and every other opinion, reaction cause those RACTY to cause unrest.

There are 17 million opinions in the Netherlands that will never all go in the same direction.

I don't think anyone has succeeded in that before, so it will not be possible today.

Perhaps, instead of giving opinions everywhere and sowing turmoil somewhere, it will be useful to make the start with yourself.

Instead of giving yet another opinion, an insight into something that people do influence. Something that can be applied (immediately).

Who would like to give a good example of this?

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Greetings, Mitch Peters

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