Why all those questions Yoors is asking you ?

These questions are there so that you can send each other posts in a very targeted way. With the ease of an email ! We are building this at the moment !

You can very easily select your new audience as a person or as a company based on the answers of the questions!

You select your new audience and send them a post. This costs money, but the post is guaranteed to reach someone who is interested in your content because it has already been answered via a question.

If you want to receive the very best posts, you have to give the very best answers.

This is also the reason we created Q and Answers in the first place. Every answer creates a little group.

For every post to which you respond with a comment which is send to one of your answers, you will receive a compensation.

Just like for sharing every post. So share this post wherever you want! You will be rewarded.

Have a blessed weekend.