Beaches and seas have always been an attraction for tourists. One such sea is located at the lowest point on the earth called the Dead Sea. This sea is a unique combination of the ecosystem, desert views, and mineral deposits. It has been a tourist attraction for a long time. Let us explore what dead sea is, what makes it a source of attraction and why dead sea is called dead sea?

The Dead Sea

The Dead Sea is not a sea but a saline water lake. It is located in the southern part of Israel and is also known as the world’s most hyper saline lake. Due to such extreme sodium chloride concentration, it is devoid of any life form.

Why the Dead Sea is called the Dead Sea?
Due to its extreme salt concentration and hyper saline conditions Dead Sea does not support any flora and fauna, that is why the Dead Sea is called the Dead Sea.

Minerals in the Dead Sea
Although, Dead Sea doesn’t supports life still it is beneficial to humans. The reason behind this is that Dead Sea has got a good deposits of minerals in it. Also these minerals present in the sea and the mud are famous worldwide for its therapeutic effects. These minerals of the Dead Sea are proven beneficial in skin conditions like acne, psoriasis, vitiligo, etc. not only in skin diseases but the air and water of the Dead Sea are also beneficial in diseases like arthritis and asthma.

Why the Dead Sea is so salty?
Since the sea is located near the earth’s deepest point the water cannot flow anywhere else and the heat of desert evaporates the water fast which ultimately increases the salt concentration of the water body. Also the content of rock erosion that mixes with the rivers and flows into the sea makes the water saline.

Why we float in the Dead Sea?
Tourists enjoy floating in the Dead Sea. The water of the Dead Sea is very dense due to the high concentration of salt in it. This makes the body weight of humans much lighter causing them to float. Since the climatic condition are pretty dry it is advisable to stay hydrated. Swimming or floating in the Dead Sea is enjoyable but one should not stay in salty water too much otherwise it may cause irritation and itching on the skin.
Lastly, Dead Sea is a natural wonder and a must visit once in life.

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Why Dead Sea is Called Dead Sea