Why Do Fortune Tellers Use The Crystal Ball? Z

Why Do Fortune Tellers Use The Crystal Ball?

Magicians, fortune tellers, and seers since ancient times have used the crystal ball to see the future and communicate with the dead, but where does this tradition come from? Why is the crystal ball always associated with fortune-telling? The origin seems to be very distant.

Fortune Tellers and The Use Of The Crystal Ball

It seems that the use of the crystal ball in relation to magic and divination arises during the Middle Ages, although in reality, the origin would be three thousand years earlier if we take into account that the druids already used quartz crystals to divine the future.

However, to be exact, it was on November 21, 1582, when the mathematician, occultist, and magician John Dee used the crystal ball for the first time. Dee assured that on that day, the angels had given him a crystal sphere and that with it he could keep in touch with them and divine the future.

The size of Dee's crystal ball was 6 cm and it is still possible to admire it today as it is kept in the British Museum in London. Apart from this story, also the crystal ball appears in the V century AD, if we consider that a crystal ball-like item seems to have been found inside a sarcophagus of a Frankish king during the Merovingian and Saxon periods.


The Crystal Ball Tradition

In ancient times a sphere made of rock, stone, Alina, or beryllium was used. At a later stage, it was decided to use the purest crystal or stones such as rose quartz, obsidian and that is free of bubbles inside. Tradition says that the ball becomes transparent and clear upon requesting the oracle's response.

This noble art used by experts is called crystallomancy. The correct diameter of the crystal ball used is 8 cm and it must be purified and consecrated before being used. Tradition also marks bathing it in an infusion of amethyst and placing it under a black cloth, so that it reflects the sunlight. The reason stems from the fact that the sphere, being a lunar divination item, was used after sunset.

According to medieval philosophy, the sphere was used to represent the perfection of the object itself. It was also defined as a symbol of the sky, the spiritual world, and the cosmos. To get the answer from the sphere, a couple of white candles should be placed on a table, keeping the light off, so that it is almost in the dark. If after asking the various questions, white clouds appear inside it, it means that you are having a really positive vision. Black clouds represent a negative response. Unpleasant surprises await if red and yellow clouds appear, while pleasant events await if blue and green clouds appear.



How Does A Crystal Ball Work?

Some people who use the crystal ball claim that nothing can be seen in the crystal ball and that it is used as a meditation focus.

Others claim that crystal occlusions form symbols when the diviner is in a small trance. Some people describe the experience as being swept away feeling different things while looking at the crystal ball.

What is clear is that the crystal ball or magic ball is a tool that helps focus and direct the intuitive and psychic abilities of the reader or fortune teller. In any case, to see things in the crystal ball you don't have to be as mystical as some people believe.

Crystal balls have crystals that carry an electrical charge called piezoelectricity that can be converted into electrical signals. The size of the crystal ball is usually standard but the ideal is that the diameter can be grasped by the hand, although there are people who prefer larger balls that are held in special supports for this type of tool.

Crystal balls are fascinating and help you to have a prediction of the future. It is a magic ball that helps in predicting the future, guessing what is not known if it will happen is fascinating for anyone. Its structure and piezoelectric properties can help you find the secrets of life. The person who reads the crystal ball will take advantage of the energies of the cosmos and mystery to guide him in the questions that he has.


How To Do It?

The mechanism by which a seer can use the crystal ball is quite complex, but it can be summarized as follows and evidenced by understanding the steps that are performed:

-  The seer concentrates on the refracting surface of the sphere.
-  He does an inside job to summon his helpers if he has them.
-  He concentrates on his third eye.
-  He enters a meditative state and projects his internal state into the sphere.
-  He concentrates on the question he has or the fact he wants to find out.
-  He begins to see what the sphere gives him in images.
-  The vision is with the third eye and he opens it to be able to see clearly what the sphere is offering him.
-  He reviews what he sees, records all the images.
-  He closes the ritual.
-  He says bye to helpers if he has them.
-  He makes an interpretation of what he has seen.
-  If the consultation is for another person, he tells him what the other person can understand, that is, he facilitates the interpretation and makes a summary.

Do Crystal Balls Exist Or Are They Movies Or Stories?

Crystal spheres can be found today in any esoteric store. They are made of different materials, the least effective are acrylic, although there are those who prefer it. The most professional ones are pure crystals.

Those for medium use or beginners are made of glass that is not very transparent. That is why we can say that crystal spheres exist and are used. There are seers who make their own crystal balls.

It is not a matter of stories or fantasies, although in the stories and fantasies the real operation of this element is explained and shown in a not very clear way. Seers or wizards have different items.

The only thing that books, novels, movies, and different images do is express that reality by adding certain fantasies to it. Like all fantasy, there is something that is trying to express that can be true and something that is false.

It is in each person and in his intentions to distinguish between reality and fiction.