Yawning is a common bodily phenomenon among humans. We all yawn multiple times every day, but have you ever wondered why we yawn? Let’s understand yawning, why do Humans yawn, excessive yawning and how it can be prevented.

Why do humans yawn?
Yawning is a reflex which fills the lungs with air and the person feels refreshed. Mostly people yawn when they feels sleepy. It is true but this is not the only reason underlying yawning. Multiple reasons could lead to yawning; some of the reasons are discussed below:
•    Tiredness: When a person feels tired or does not sleep properly, leads to frequent yawning. Lack of sleep is one of the main causes of yawning.
•    Boredom: If a person lacks interest in something and still engaged with the same; could possibly lead to yawning. The lack of interest leads to the feeling of sleepiness, so it causes yawning.
•    Low oxygen: During yawning, a person opens the mouth wide and inhales a huge amount of air in. Thus, low oxygen level and high carbon dioxide level could induce yawning.

How to treat excessive yawning?
Yawning is not some disease or illness. Although, it is a normal bodily phenomenon that may occur due to tiredness or due to boredom and many other reasons, excessive yawning is interrupting at times. Also, one may feel embarrassed if yawn in office or workplace. Thus, some people would like to treat it so that they yawn less. There is no prescribed medicine or therapy to stop yawning. Still one could take certain steps to effectively reduce yawning.
•    Deep breathing: Some of the theories claim that yawning can be a result of a lack of oxygen in the body. So if one is yawning excessively, he/she can try deep breathing to reduce or stop it. Deep breathing will avail larger amount of oxygen to the lungs and help decrease the concentration of carbon dioxide.
•    Take Quality sleep: As tiredness and lack of sleep are one of the major reasons for yawning so it is advisable that one must always take proper sleep at night for at least 7 to 8 hours. This will probably help with yawning because a proper sleep will automatically make one feel fresh.
•    Exercise: Physical movement and exercise increases oxygen intake. It also refreshes the body and keeps the body active. An active body automatically eliminate too much yawning.

Is yawning contagious?
The answer is both yes and no. Different theories and experiments have presented mixed results. But in most of the theories, it is believed that if someone sees a person yawning in his surroundings or even watches a person yawning in a video then he might also feel tired and start yawning.

Does excessive yawning indicates a need for medical consultation:
Though yawning is neither a disease nor a matter of concern, still if one experience too much yawning it could possibly signify the presence of a sleep disorder. So in case of regular excessive yawning one must consult a doctor.
Lastly, yawning is just a phenomenon and it can easily be kept in control by doing regular exercises and maintaining a healthy sleep and wake schedule.

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Why Do Humans Yawn