Why Do I Love To Make Others Happy!

Why Do I Love To Make Others Happy!

I have experienced a lot of bad things in my life. Even after being an extrovert, I used to feel that no one cares about anyone. I like to help people but I never expect anything in return. I am not the kind of person who helps with the motive of getting something in return. But it feels bad when people act mean towards you even after helping them. I would suggest you choose your friends wisely.

It is because you can never know the reality of a person even after spending years with them. I have heard many stories of others about how they got cheated by their close ones. Even after knowing the reality that most people are selfish, I still like to see them happy. We should never hurt anyone especially intentionally.

My friends always say that you are way too kind for this selfish and bad world. But I never agree with them because it is my quality, it is something that makes me unique. Why should I be part of this cruel and greedy world? There is no reason to do so. I know that many people are not good. But it doesn't make everyone bad. You can never know what a person is going through. So you should never treat anyone in the wrong way.


I feel like I did something good

I live with strict parents. They never allowed me to go anywhere, not even at any birthday parties of my close friends. Never got the love of parents I craved for. I always get very emotional when I see a mother or father loving their child. But then I feel happy at least that child is getting the love of parents which I never got. I never felt what love is.
It is rightly said that people who smile a lot hide a lot of pain behind their smiles.

But I am not a weak person, I stay strong most of the time. I try to find happiness in small things. Making someone happy is not small for me. Not everyone can make someone happy. Making someone smile is easy but making them happy is not easy. You should be aware of the difference between a smile and happiness. A smile is an expression while happiness is a feeling. So I feel that I did something good after making someone happy.


I know the value of happiness

Not everyone can find happiness in small things. People set certain criteria that they will be happy when they achieve something big. They don't care about small things. But this is not the right way to live life. You need to find happiness in small things to live a good life. We can never know what all problems a person is having so we should try to make people happy.

If all the people try to make each other happy this world will be a better place to live in. Hope you liked reading the post!

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