Why is chocolate good for you?

It may sometimes be called good, whichpros of eating that delicious brown stuff. Because the disadvantages we all know already. It contains sugars, fats and many kilocalories. It's not healthy, it makes you fat, and it's bad for your teeth.

Research shows, that small bits of pure chocolate,reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Chocolate lowers blood pressure and it reduces.. stress!So small amounts... then it's healthy. How many bars would they mean by that?

The nutrients found in chocolate are iron, zinc, copper, magnesium and dietary fiber. There are also”flavonols“, which are good substances that are also found in vegetables. The flavonols make the veins and arteries more flexible, so less risk of cardiovascular disease. Chocolate also contains”stearic acid“, which is a kind of fat, but it does not increase the content of cholesterol.

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Even in the past, people used it asmedication! It helped against fatigue, upset stomach, fainting and fever. Or she mixed liquid chocolate with medicines to make them taste better. It was said that chocolate would nourish the body, it helps to digest sick body fluids, and it helps in the secretion of bad substances.

In 2008, a study was conducted atdiabetes patients. The people who ate 1 piece of dark chocolate every day for 2 weeks had half less chance of insulin resistance.

Last but not least, chocolate is very good againststress! This has also been researched (also in 2008), and the level of stress hormones decreases significantly due to the consumption of chocolate.

So come on with that bar!

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