Keeping a dog is  a special art, one that must be learnt with time and patience. Dogs are the most committed and dedicated animal anyone can see.

Most people have called dogs "half humans" just because of the unconditional love they show their owners and their advanced reasoning when compared with other animals.

This unconditional love dogs show their owners has earned them strong emotional attachment of their owners.

Dog lovers can give up anything to keep their dogs and to ensure their dogs never fell sick or die.
Research has it that early dog breeders used wolves to create domestic dogs.

Most of the dogs then were used for hunting, guarding and domestic purposes. But now most dogs are used as pet notwithstanding that a lot others are still used as security dogs and domestic dogs.

In this part of the world, I feel some dogs enjoy (that's those used as pet - usually German shepherds) while so many dogs suffer (those regarded as local dogs - to the extent that they are killed for consumption).

I love dogs so much. Do you love dogs?  I wish and hope all dogs will be given the freedom of being man's best friend.

4 Best reasons why dogs are man's best friend

1. Dogs give unconditional love
Dogs never and will never forget how they feel about you. They love you as their owner and that fact cannot be changed by anything. In comparison with other animals, dogs possess great memories.

The memories of how you caressed and cared for them. That's why whenever you return from work they run to you in joy, cheering you up because they have missed their best friend.

Dogs is a wonderful friend of man because they never keep grudges against you even when you smack them or fail to give them their favorite treats. Dogs surely understand and never hold it against you.

2. Dogs served as guardian or security
Dogs are amazing when it comes to guarding and protecting you. Dog is the only friend who is and will be willing to sacrifice his life for you.

It doesn't matter what the situation is, once your dog senses strange movement or person. He signals you through incessant barking.

Even the thinnest of dog, feels it's his responsibility to ensure you are safe and no harm comes to you.

Most of the time I imagine how they can so easily sense external body in your house. Maybe that's how God made them.

3. Dogs take away loads of stress from you
Having a stressful day? No worries, because once you get back home your dog will surely make you feel better and relaxed.

Dogs are observant enough to see or notice when you are down or weak after a day's work. Usually most dogs would cuddle and lick  your legs and face.

4. Dogs make you responsible
Does it sound abnormal? But it's the truth. Dogs are always there to be cared for. Keeping and caring for dogs is never an easy task. Even the most irresponsible person get to become responsible.

He gets into a daily routine of waking up early, feeding the dog, bathing the and waking this amazing creature.

Having patience issues? Go get a dog. Your dog will surely teach you how to keep your cool.