Do you feel happy and less stressed after sweating in the gym? I guess yes. This is because sweating results in the release of Endorphin, a feel-good hormone. Releasing sweat is the best way to detoxify your body. It's significant to remain hydrated & prevent excessive heat during hot summer months because we lose more body fluid via sweat. However, this doesn't mean that sweating is bad for your health. There are different reasons why people sweat. They may sweat due to hot weather, a fever, nervousness, exercise, & being in a sauna. Sweating can sometimes be a sign of illness as well. Let us read ahead to understand why is sweating good for you?

What's sweat made up of?
The main component of sweat is water. Human sweat also contains small amounts of potassium, sodium, calcium & magnesium. Moreover, sweat also contains little amounts of pheromones. A significant amount of toxins like BPA plastics and heavy metals are released during sweating.

Why is sweating good?

Detoxification: Sweating is best for detoxification. It is an efficient method of removing toxins and heavy metals from the body. Sweating flushes a wide range of possible toxins including phthalates, BPA as well as heavy metals like cadmium, lead, mercury and arsenic. It also eliminates cholesterol, alcohol & different kinds of salt from the body.

Healing: A new research has found that our sweat-glands play a role in healing scratches, wounds & other abrasions. It has revealed that eccrine sweat-glands holds a pool of stem cells which helps in wound healing.

Reduced risk of kidney stones: Sweating allows one's body to eliminate excess salt from the bloodstream as it retains calcium from salt. The process regulates the accumulation of calcium and sodium in your urine, which can cause kidney stones development.

Antibiotic effect: Forget about antibiotic or antibacterial ointment available at your first-aid cabinet because your sweat will work for you. When your skin has cuts, insect bites, scratches, stings, or just anything piercing the skin surface, sweat glands discharge a serum having antibiotic properties. The secretion remains your body's more effective mechanism suitable for killing off pathogens that may cause infection.

Temperature regulation: Sweating is the human body's natural mechanism for controlling internal temperature. Our body temperature tends to rise when we are stressed, exercising, or in danger. When our body temperature rises, it expels liquids via sweating to cool down the internal parts and the skin surface. It prevents hyperventilating and overheating.
Sweating is natural for a healthy body, particularly when you exercise, do some physical activity, or have a fever. Sweating also helps in refreshing your body and keeping it healthy.

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Why is sweating good for you?