Science and its wonders are fascinating for all. There are several such inventions, discoveries, theories and experiments that might amaze people. One such amazing invention is electricity. Once the electricity is generated, it is transmitted from the plant different locations for consumption. Metal wires are used for transmission of electricity since those are good conductor of the same. Let us understand what metals are and why metals are good conductor of electricity?

What are metals?    

It is a class of materials which supports conduction of heat and electricity. They have shiny surface and are solid. They contain free electrons. Around three-quarters of the known chemical substances are metals.

Properties of metals
Metals are naturally found substances on the surface of the earth. Some of the characteristic properties of metals are:
•    Appearance: Metals have a lustrous appearance.
•    Ductile: Metals can easily be turned into wires.
•    Malleable: Metals can easily be beaten and converted into sheets.
•    Density: The density of the metal is more than other known elements.

Metal and electricity conduction:
There are two types of conductors- good conductors of electricity and bad conductors of electricity.
•    Good conductors of electricity: The material which contains free electrons in them and poses least resistance to the passage of current through it is known as good conductor of electricity. Metals are god conductor of electricity. Electric wires are made up of metals.
•    Bad conductors of electricity: The materials which do not enable or allow the flow of electricity via them are called bad conductors of electricity. Usually non metals fall under this category. Plastic, wood, handles of cook wares made of wood, non-metallic substances are some examples of bad conductors of electricity.

Why are metals good conductors of electricity?
Metals are good conductors of electricity because they contain free electrons which enable the flow of electricity through them. Because of the presence of these freely movable valence electrons metals are considered as good conductors of electricity.

How electricity is conducted in metals?
Valence electrons in metals makes the flow of electricity possible. In metals, the valence electrons are free to move from one place to another. Due to this freely movable electrons, metals can form metallic bonds. These bonds are formed due to the electrostatic attractive forces present in between the positively charged metal ions and the conducting electrons. This bond is formed in the form of an electron cloud of the delocalized freely movable valence electrons in the metal ion.

Which metal is best for conduction of electricity?

Silver is the best conductors of electricity. Conducting materials are generally used in wires in houses, offices, electrical lines, or any other possible place where the supply of electricity is required. Though among all metals silver is the best conductor of electricity, it is costly and hence cannot be used widely because electricity is the basic requirement of all and it can’t be made so expensive. So instead of silver copper is used. Though copper is less conductive then silver but its use is more economic.

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Why metal are good conductors of electricity

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