Why The Lighthouse

Why The Lighthouse

There it stands, solo and for everyone at the same time.
Tower in the middle of the sea, not backing off on it call prime —
To be a Lighthouse.

Seems like lonely duty, standing firm surrounded by dark.
So, Why does the Lighthouse waits, on that exact spot?
Why it light does not reach the shore?

And cruel time just passes by, counted in numbers of sisters stars.
Meanwhile, Lighthouse still stands still. Not moving an inch in brave patience.
Singing “Why the Lighthouse” to the sea in despair,
praying to the Moon to remind the Lighthouse Why it stands.

While rotating light reaches another soul feeling the same despair,
Lighthouse knows Why it stands — guiding hope back to the voyagers' soul,
repetition, and consistency in sending love on the horizon! “Love sets free us all. Do You, Lighthouse, and ask Why No more! Look how sailor is finding their way home.” — answer the brother Moon healing the wound deep.

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