Will you choose Yoors' Dutch sportswoman of the year?

Recently, I posted the question here: Who will be the Dutch sportsman of the year? Today it's the sportswomen's turn. General information about this election can be found here: https://yoo.rs/yoors-oranje-broektrofee-2022?Ysid=9899    https://yoo.rs/wie-wordt-de-nederlandse-sportman-van-het-jaar?Ysid=9899
By the way, you play an important role in that election! You can vote until December 26 (Dutch time). This is possible via these Q&As. But also through the blogs that will be published in the coming period.
So today, the voting list with 16 candidates for the Dutch Sportswoman of the Year. There will be an update around December 1. A shortlist with (8 more) candidates.

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