Win Hof, and its curiosities...!

Like my person, many here have talked about this singular character “Win Hof” there is no need to explain, his story and what he has achieved, for that are the previous posts.

Today I want to talk to you, about your eccentricities, your daily routine, your hobbies everything related to what it is.

That's why I bring here a couple of interesting things.

This unique friend, is able to withstand breathing in the water for about 10 minutes....!
Something that undoubtedly leaves us breathless. To show a button everything mentioned can corroborate you dare from YouTube.

According to his comments, he is totally willing to contract a disease, in this case “malaria” only for the simple fact of advancing his research.... wow!

According to various sources, he clarifies and perjura that for 38 years, he eats only once a day, where the daily menu is only meat.

And finally, something that attracts my attention. In an interview he said; that during his college time, he learned to regulate and control, eye CONTROL. Your heart rate.

Impressive character, very soon I will bring more curiosities, accompanied by videos.

Photo property of @pixabay