Winterwonderland - Design Competition


Do you remember? In addition to creativity, the previous design competitions have brought a lot of fun and I promised it would not be the last.

There it is, the third design competition in the context of dduu (hey, it would be time). May it be just as stormy as previous dduu activities.

Design a surprising garment for Her Majesty the Snow Queen. Paste, cut, draw and paint or make up another craft technique.

Participation is for everyone, young and old, handy and clumsy, fashion-conscious or not at all, everything can and can. As long as you do your best and, above all, enjoy it.

Fun is paramount!

Share your design for January 25th under this blog (you can join multiple times) and don't forget to comment among other submissions.

So open that creative Year crane.

Good luck all of you.



Snow Queen: S. Hermann & F. Richter via Pixabay