With Jolanda to Pietje (92)

... fantastic to hear how much space...

The previous episode was promoted by Babita de Boer. That gave quite a few reactions {waarvoor dank...}. Therefore, I publish part 92 somewhat accelerated.

Heartwarming words

Follow-up story Kalle en Pietje, part 92


Kalle is happy to see Pietje again. Jolanda goes with him because of the developments surrounding testifying in prison. She says, for example, that a prayer of conversion can be very simple. By way of example, she gives Pietje a business card with such a prayer on it.

Furthermore, it's great to hear how much terrain profit you're making here, she says. That even someone like Judith is now opening up for the gospel is a miracle of the top shelf. For that we may thank God.

And when I see how you find your way in this remotely and yet together... heartwarming! God blesses you so abundantly, nothing or no one can resist that. It's like your prison sentence brings you all to your destination. Kalle and Pietje nod, with a look in love in the eyes. A tear strangles up...

The keyword bookworm for this month in the @140woorden challenge is, of course, incorporated into this contribution.


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