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The heart was missing

It is not trying
To fit the pieces
The picture will never
Be the picture again
I have counted
Measured many times

Asked the salesman for
a copy and
He gave me the
Beauty of the
World with
Frames to fit

My eye beholding as
My finger pointed
Every flaw
Of a beauty
Once so raw

When the waves came
Rolling in, they
Left me nothing
And with everything given
I put the pieces
Where they belonged

But the heart was missing

De Kneus
En weer raak je me...
31-05-2017 22:39
31-05-2017 22:39 • Reageer
Heel mooie tekst!
15-03-2017 06:14
15-03-2017 06:14 • Reageer
Leuke foto weer :)
15-03-2017 00:28
15-03-2017 00:28 • Reageer