His eyes don’t see the same sky with the stars
you see;
He clings to you
not with a promise of
a whole world for you but of a
letting go after
sucking all over
His aggressive teeth
bites while his tongue
licks your hot skin
not because he’s in-
to you but because
he’s using

you; Go on.

Wipe your tears with your
make-up and glasses;
Put your blushes on to
conceal the marks of
his punches;
Wear lipstick as red as the
blood on your split lips;
Hide your wounds and bruises with your black sleeves and long skirts and
Fake a smile
like a happy child living in your
own happy world ---

Woman; if it’s love
you shouldn’t be miserable. If it’s love
you shouldn’t feel like walking on upturned needles crashing your feet
‘til they bleed; you refused walking and just continue your own
wrong way of living. You
beg. You
plead. You keep on
crying on his feet ‘til your knees get swollen; you
refused to stand and fight for
yourself ---

Woman; let go of the burning rope that is
you. Move
away from the edge of the cliff that is eating
you. W ---
- AKE UP! And
rebuild yourself
from the broken pieces of your own shattered world.

If he’s pulling away, let him
go. If you must
CRY, don’t hold back your tears.
Let them


Then STOP! Pour yourself a cup of
bitter coffee which will awake you from
your own bitterness. Then
held your head


without any make-up on; Smile
without the thick lipstick hiding your split lips
Smile. You
don’t beg. You
don’t plead. You
don’t get your hands on your feet.
You are a

You can
build your own sky where
you can shine as bright as
the stars
you ---

#woman #DearWoman

Dear Woman